You Can Throw the Best 18th Birthday Party on a Budget!


Any teen considers their 18th birthday as their most special birthday. For this reason, you would want to give the best party you can to your daughter, as a parent. Most people think that 18th birthday parties should be very extravagant, but that is not necessary. Even if you are on a budget, it’s possible for you to throw the best 18th birthday party ever for your teen.

Plan Ahead

The most important key here is to plan ahead. Months before the date, make sure you already have a set budget for the celebration. And as much as possible, prioritize the more critical aspects of your teen’s party such as the food/drinks, the entertainment, and the decorations.

Save on the Invites

One of the ways you can really save money is by not spending much on the invitations. Most people today actually send party invitations online instead of spending money on cards and whatnot. Some use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to send invitations. Others take advantage of websites that allow them to create personalized invitations.

Limit the Guests

Limiting the guests on your list is also an excellent way to throw an 18th birthday party on a budget. Explain to your teen that she can only invite a certain number of people to her party, but at the same time, let her be the one to create the guest list.

Go Easy on the Decors

You would also want to save on the decorations. While balloons and other party decors are important, they are not that necessary for an 18th birthday party. Go easy on the decorations and try to go for a minimalist approach. In this type of situation, the saying “less is more” would very much apply.

Be Creative with the Food

You can save money on food by preparing them yourself. No, you wouldn’t want to scrimp on food quantity, but teens don’t usually expect expensive food. On the other hand, they would usually go for finger foods like pizza, chips, and nuts, and plenty of soft drinks. You can also bake the cake yourself and prepare the dessert instead of ordering.

Preparing for an 18th birthday party requires a lot of time and effort on your part as a parent. With careful planning and preparation, however, it’s possible for you to throw the most memorable birthday party for your teenage daughter without having to worry about your budget.


Source by Richard S Curtain

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