Woodstock Party Games, Peace, Man!


Music is a must at a Woodstock themed party. Have the guests come dressed in the 60’s era to get in the party mood…

So you’re getting your groove on at a Woodstock-themed party and you need something fun to do to get all the party people involved. Enjoy these Woodstock style party games.

Try playing “You Said It!” Each person must recite a music lyric, peace slogan, or famous quote from the ’60s or 70’s. Players that run out of ideas are out! You can also modify the game by requiring opponents to name the band/group/person the quote came from and keep points. This depends, naturally, on the knowledge base of the partygoers. This game is great to set the mood of the theme.

Once you’re into the era and the party is hopping, try a game with music from bands that played at Woodstock. This will take a little bit of preparation ahead of time, but play a few bars from a piece of music and allow guesses about the name of the song, artist, or the next lyric. Keep points for correct guesses and the one with the most after all songs have been played wins! Also, try playing this game in teams.

Prizes and party favors should match the Woodstock theme along with the party supplies, decorations, and environment. Light candles and dress in tye dye. Make sure the party invitations show the theme so the guest too can come in costume.


Source by Gail Leino

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