Why Do High IQ People Dislike Idle Conversations At Cocktail Parties?


As a high IQ person do you ever noticed yourself talking down at cocktail parties and office parties? I mean, really dumbing down the dialogue? Why do you suppose you do that? Well, it turns out average IQ people are usually there and they really don’t have a lot of cognitive surplus to begin with, and add a little alcohol and you’d swear you were talking to a sub-65 IQ child or chimpanzee. You can only talk about the weather or the last ballgame so long before you get bored or want to start talking about the programming of supercomputers to predict weather and climate anomalies or the future of sports in a zero-gravity environment, which needless to say is way over the head of the average inebriated party goer. Let’s talk.

Recently, Mark, a genius in his own right, stated; “Due to having to ‘edit’ my conversational information so the other person can stay involved makes the whole act of talking boring (and sometimes it alienates the other person so I start randomly jumping topics and it just turns stupid).”

A good many high IQ PhD scientists say the same thing, and when talking in their niche, they have to dummy down. Indeed, this happens to me too, I get bored. Often psychologists will label someone like this anti-social if they have challenges talking about the weather or carrying a wasteful conversation at a party, but maybe those psychologists simply do not get it because they themselves are not high IQ people.

Now then, in all due respect, there are some brilliant PhD psychologists out there who seem to get it, I probably shouldn’t have bashed them so hard, but if they are truly great psychologists, they’d agree with me, and not take my words as a condemnation of their abilities, but rather the profession as a whole, besides most psychologists are busy figuring themselves out.

When I talk with scientists, and super-stars of niches, I find them dumbing down the conversation, doing the same things I have to do when I am out in public, so I notice this right away and thus work to upgrade the conversation immediately to allow them to know I am not some moron, then we can get into the good stuff. With the diverse range in IQ in our society and the numerous ways of thinking, and types of intelligence even the cognitively challenged might be good at some type of thinking or skill, so, sometimes it pays to flush that out, or ramp up a conversation to see where they go with it.

They might give you new insight from a totally different perspective thus, they extend your understanding as well. Of course, once they go through their repertoire and they start repeating or looping, you know you are done, and you can enlighten them if they care to listen or let them go back to whatever floats their boat.

It would be very good to let all the smart people live apart from the 115 IQ and less individuals because truly the smarter people are nearly a completely different species when it comes to intelligence. Pretending they aren’t to keep everyone feeling as if everyone is equal is disingenuous to the reality; it’s just living a lie. There is no honor in that.

Don’t call me an intellectual elitist or not politically correct for merely pointing out the reality here. And if you doubt what I am saying please read; “The Bell Curve” by Charles A. Murray and Richard Herrnstein.


Source by Lance Winslow

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