Whimsical Party Theme and How to Create It


There are so many themes to choose from when planning a party, whether it is for a wedding, engagement, baby shower or birthday. The whimsical theme has been very popular is the whimsical theme. This particular theme can be interpreted in so many ways and the party planner can do so much with it.

Whimsical elements can be incorporated throughout each part of the party, from the invitations right through to the party or party favors.

A dictionary definition for the word ‘whimsical’ describes it as playfully quaint, in an appealing and amusing way. With this definition, a party planner can host an amazing party that showcases their personality and creativity. Ideas and themes that come to mind may be Alice in Wonderland, tea parties, Dr Seuss characters and carnival backdrops. Bright colours, erratic and fanciful props, and dream-like detailing for the party will emphasize this creative and light-natured theme.

Whimsical themed parties don’t need to be expensive or elaborate. There are many items you can find laying around your own home, at discount stores and at thrift shops.

Start by sending out whimsical wedding or party invitations. It would be ideal to use the colours that you plan to use for the actual party so it is consistent. Depending on your approach you can use images such as owls, carnival pictures, love birds, polka dots, Alice in Wonderland characters and anything playful and bright.

For party centre-pieces, arrange flowers in patterned and polka dot teapots and teacups, floral china in mismatched sets. Used or inexpensive photo frames can be scattered around the display or reception tables. Mugs can be used as small vases to tie the theme together. Instead of buying invitation cards, beautiful ones can be found on the internet and printed out with personalized messages for each guest.

Another creative and easy idea is placing small lights underneath the tables so that they shine through the table cloths and create a glow which adds a sparkle to the theme. Small bird cages can be placed around the area which makes the setting appear even more magical and dreamy.

Other decorations and prop ideas include multi-coloured balloons arrangements, mushroom stools that guests can sit on, bunting and tissue paper pom-poms in various colors lining the party.

A dessert buffet table can be filled with an array of cupcakes and other desserts designed in frosted bright shades. Macaroons can be specially made with small whimsical themed designs like Alice in Wonderland, Dr Seuss, elves, a fanciful tree or polka dots. The main cake itself can be a highlight of the party. Very popular for a whimsical party cake is the multi-tiered topsy-turvy cake that appears crooked.

The hosts for the party should also follow the theme and dress accordingly. A striped hat for a Dr Seuss themed party is fun. Or a child can dress as an elf for his or her birthday party. The guests can be asked to come in costume and make the party more fun and memorable.

You can have the party outdoors to resemble a dreamy forest scene or garden party, complete with wooden furniture and a table decor with items found from nature.

Anything that has a pop of colour and represents fun and playfulness will work. The best part about a whimsical theme is that there are so many different ways to do it. There is no set rule and you can be as creative and colourful as you want. Adding a little whimsy to your special day is a wonderful way to keep the day feeling light-hearted and exciting.


Source by Kristine Shepherd

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