What’s For Dinner? 30-Minute Menus For 2009 – 18th Edition


May has finally arrived! To help with the grocery bill this week, I have selected a ‘cook once – eat three times’ weekly menu plan with the Turkey Breast on Sunday followed with a Chicken Taco Bake for Cinco de Mayo and Bistro Chicken on Thursday. All three meals are very different so your family will not be saying “Oh, no. Not leftovers again!”.

The Pulled Pork supper on Monday will leave you with lots of pork for wonderful sandwiches or salads for lunch all week. The Linguine Primavera on Saturday is just a celebration of Spring and Mother’s Day. I will be visiting my mother this weekend and want to prepare some nice meals for her.

You will find that I use several cooking methods, mix and match, to get dinner on the table quickly! (The ingredients in parenthesis show some of my quick-prep steps.) You can always substitute your favorite made-from-scratch recipes when you have more time.

I hope you have a great week!


Turkey Breast with French Country Gravy (crock pot; jarred Alfredo sauce; save some turkey for Tuesday and Thursday)

Long Grain and Wild Rice (boxed rice mix)

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts

Pound Cake Torte (purchased pound cake, prepared frosting)


Pulled Pork (crock pot; bottled BBQ sauce and mushroom gravy)

Buns and Condiments (purchased buns, jarred condiments)

Black-Eyed Pea Salad (canned peas, corn, and chilies)

Cheesecake Filled Pears (instant cheesecake pudding mix, canned pears)

Tuesday: Cinco de Mayo

Chicken Taco Ring Bake (poultry from Sunday; crescent rolls, shredded cheddar cheese)

Salsa and Sour Cream Toppings (jarred salsa, purchased sour cream)

Lettuce and Tomatoes (shredded lettuce)

Refried Beans (canned beans)

Red Onion / Orange Salad (canned Mandarin orange sections)

Heavenly Hash (purchased angel food cake, canned fruit cocktail, jarred maraschino cherries, frozen whipped topping)


Tortellini Rustica with Fresh Vegetables (vegetarian; prepared tortellini, grated Parmesan cheese)

Three Pepper Salad (jarred Italian salad dressing)

Quick Tortoni and Seasonal Berries (purchased coconut macaroon cookies and ice cream, frozen whipped topping)


Bistro Chicken (poultry from Sunday; canned tomatoes, jarred salad dressing, shredded mozzarella cheese)

Rice or Pasta (boxed rice or pasta)

Fresh Green Beans

Caramelized Peaches and Cream


Grilled Shrimp with Greek Veggie Salsa (cleaned and deveined shrimp)

New Potatoes

Corn on the Cob

Ice Cream with Apple Crunch Topper (purchased ice cream)


Linguine Primavera (vegetarian; purchased linguine, grated Parmesan cheese)

Watermelon / Raspberry / Strawberry Salad (bottled raspberry vinaigrette)

Fresh Fruit Tarts (prepared pie crust, canned Mandarin orange sections and pineapple tidbits)

I sincerely hope you have fun with your meal planning and preparation,

Elizabeth Randall and Family


Source by Elizabeth Randall

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