What Makes Face Painting an Exciting Addition to Your Kid’s Birthday Party


One of kids’ absolute favorite activities at birthday parties, summer day camp and sleepovers is the chance to get their faces painted. Whether they want to morph into superheroes and jungle animals or just be adorned with pretty flowers and butterflies, kids are drawn to the sheer make-believe and fun of face painting. Kids at day camp love to come home with a happy lion face or goofy cartoon character grin, and this colorful, creative activity can be the perfect icing on the cake (so to speak) at your little one’s birthday bash for a host of happy reasons.

Choose a Theme

Themed parties are always a big hit with little ones, and your child will love to help plan a party centered on his favorite book, character, movie or activity. Pick a zoo-themed party for a young animal lover, a princess party for your little princess or a rambunctious pirate style bash. Themes lend themselves perfectly to face art; along with some cleverly coordinated invites, games and cake, face painting adds a fine element of fun.

It’s a Great Ice Breaker

Face painting is a great way to get the party going. Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, kids will have a blast choosing designs, watching their friends get decorated and getting right into character when their new face is on. Before you know it, your house or yard will be a beehive of activity, with princesses prancing about and caped crusaders giggling at each other.

It’s a Cheap Way to Play Dress-Up

Little ones love to play dress-up, whether they’re acting out their favorite Disney movie, zooming around like a superhero or swaggering about like a truly wicked pirate. When you add face painting to birthday party activities, you’ll find kids will get right into character and start up some lively games of make believe. Kids will be using their imagination and creativity while having a frolicking good time, and you won’t have to buy expensive dress-up clothes or props.

If You Decide to DIY

Rather than pay to hire a professional party firm, you may choose to paint the little faces yourself. Just make sure that when you go the arts and crafts store, you buy non-toxic paints made especially for face painting. Unlike theatrical paints, face paints are easy to remove and non-greasy. Put together a book of designs for kids to choose from, and be sure to seat the child in a chair or other safe place while you are painting. Make sure they keep the eyes closed during the process and don’t ever put glitter on the face, as there is no safe glitter.

If You Opt for a Professional

You may opt to hire a professional face painter, some of whom have even gone to art school. Companies who provide face painting services may also offer bundles including other party fun like balloon twisting, clowns and even photo booths. Ask for recommendations from friends or check locally based websites like Angie’s List for potential party artists. Before you hire, browse photos of the company’s work to be sure it’s the style you’re looking for, and ask if they provide all supplies and whether there are extra fees. Be sure the company uses all non-toxic products, and it’s a big plus if they conduct background checks on employees.


Source by Genie Fletcher

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