What Are the Most Entertaining Team Building Activities for Kids?


Team building activities for kids are extremely useful in building a strong feeling of camaraderie among children. These are effective in making kids understand the importance of team building. You can also expect the activities to work in improving their communication skills at such an early age. Aside from all that, your kids will also learn a few problem-solving skills and enhance their leadership qualities. Here are a few of your best options if you want to organize entertaining team building activities for kids:

1. Amoeba Race. This is a popular activity which requires you to create groups of about five children each. After creating the groups, you should instruct the participants to choose one member of their team to stand in the center so they can start forming the nucleus of an amoeba. The other four members of the each group will have to start surrounding the nucleus while they face outward. The elbows of the four other members should also be linked together. After that, you should draw tracks for the groups and then start a race. The member who acts as the nucleus will have to direct the entire group forward. You can expect the kids to enjoy this activity while also building a good sense of competition and cooperation.

2. Bridge. This is one of the simplest and the most creative team building activities for kids. This requires you to form teams with the same number of members and instruct them to build bridges that can hold a water jug just by using newspapers. This will allow all kids in the team to use their own creativity when it comes to using the resources given in building the strongest bridge. The good thing about this activity is that aside from allowing the kids to use their imagination and creativity, they will also learn the value of relationships, team communication and cooperation.

3. Problem Solving. This is one of those activities that allow kids to work together. If you choose this activity, then make sure that you present it in the most entertaining way possible as kids have shorter attention span when compared to adults. You can make the activity more entertaining by creating a reward system. This will allow the team to work together in solving the problem so they can get the promised reward. An advantage of this activity is that it helps in improving the initiative of children. You can also expect this activity to help kids directly interact with one another.

4. Tower Stack. This is one of the most enjoyable and challenging team building activities for kids. The first thing that you should do is to form teams out of the participants. Each team is then given the same number of straws and sticking tape. The idea behind this activity is to build the tallest tower out of the given materials. This is designed to enhance the innovative skills of children while teaching them how respect each other’s ideas.

5. Human Web. This is one of those team building activities for kids that aim to promote team building while also improving the communication skills of children. The first thing that you should do is to instruct the children to form a tight circle. After that, each of them needs to stretch their hands to the center and reach for the hands of other kids. After firmly holding hands, everyone is required to untangle the web. But make sure that no one let go of their hands along the process.


Source by Alexey V Afinogenov

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