Welcome Them To Adulthood With Cracking 18th Gifts


Turning 18 is a milestone for any teenager. It heralds the end of the childhood and the official introduction in to adulthood. They can now legally drink alcohol; ditching that dodgy fake I.D. they have been hiding from their parents. They may be off to college or university, flying the nest to enhance their chances of snaring that brilliant future career. Maybe they are heading into the real working world and want to leave their childhood with a bang before resigned themselves to the monotonous nine to five.

Whatever the personal reasons 18 is an important year to mark. 18th birthday parties are the norm and can be held at a range of venues such as restaurants, cafes, bars, night clubs or even in someone home. Wherever they decide to hold their birthday bash the most important element of any party is the guests. It’s these people who provide the fun memories and of course the all important gifts.

When faced with choosing gifts for him or her to take to an 18th birthday party, you have a wealth of goods to choose from. Most of these goods and undoubtedly the best of them, you will find online. Shopping online will turn up hundreds of gifts you never knew existed and reduce the chances of turning up with duplicate gifts.

As the young man or lady can now legally drink alcohol, symbolise their maturity with a bottle of personalised champagne. Champagne is of course essential of any celebration and this is no exception. You can choose from a range of champagnes including a pink option for girly girls and each bottle sports a label with their name printed on it and a message of your choice. To complete the gift you can also avail of matching engraved champagne flutes that they can keep forever more. You could engrave them with their date of birth or even their name, to make them a one of a kind set.

Another great option for those turning 18 is an experience day gift package. You will be fascinated by the massive choice of experiences available online and as the birthday boy or girl can choose when they wish to use to avail of their day out it makes it a convenient gift too. Choices range from adrenaline pumping experiences such as abseiling and zorbing to motor themed experiences like rally car racing a driving a Ferrari for a day. There are more ladylike options such as spa days, makeovers with photo shoots and cocktail making classes. By simple browsing online and using the persons personality and hobbies as keys, you can tailor make the perfect gift in minutes.

Other gifts include personalised mugs, where you can opt to have a photo of the recipient and a cheeky message printed on the mug. You can also personalise key rings, paperweights, calendars and clothing. All great novelty gifts for him or her!

So get your glad rags on and gather up your purchases and help to make this birthday one they will never forget!


Source by Dean Gammell

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