Understanding the Types of Temporary Tattoos


Temporary tattoos are designs that can be imprinted onto the body, but removed easily. Although it wears off over time, you can simply remove it by washing it off. There are a number of temporary tattoos for kids that can be stick-on types, airbrush ones, or the body paint of pencil tattoos. Adults too have a great many varieties available that can be worn to office, parties or for just casual outings.

Stick-on Tattoos

Kids love to have stick-on tattoos for costume parties and birthdays. These are available in many themes, and are easy to apply. These can be applied by simply placing the tattoo against your skin and dabbing water at the back. This enables the ink to be transferred to the skin. In most cases, these last for up to 6 days. Again, this depends upon the quality of the tattoo you have applied. High quality temporary tattoos for kids use a special glue solution on the ink so that it stays for as long as a month. Although colourful designs hold the most demand, monochrome tattoos are also prominently used, especially for themed parties for adults.

Body Paint and Airbrush Tattoos

Those wanting to have a more creative approach can go for customized temporary tattoos that can be created with body paints, stencils, paintbrush or airbrush. These can give a more personalized approach, and can appear more realistic than the stick-on types. As with the stick-on types, these tattoos can also be washed off easily using soap and water. The airbrush types are good for those who want a modern look for their designs. This is done the same way you airbrush a T-shirt. Most artists use a tool or airbrush machinery such as a stencil to apply the designs perfectly and without smudging. The stencil will be placed against your skin and the artist uses an airbrush to spray the ink through the perforations. Body paints and crayons can also be used to create colourful designs on your skin without causing any damage to it.

Themed Tattoos

Be it your wedding day or a special birthday party, designer tattoos can make you stand out amongst the rest. You can find customized temporary tattoos bearing designs apt for your wedding. Good news is that, you can choose the fonts you like and the designs from the templates made available by the designer. Those bearing the design of a finger ring are quite famous. They are mostly the stick-on types that can easily be washed using a nail polish remover or baby oil. Those like the ones bearing the design of moustache are famous amongst adult men. Some individuals choose to order tattoos for all those invited for their wedding.


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