Types of Napkins


Napkins are an essential part of our daily existence and hence form an inevitable part of the cleaning supplies and hygiene products required at home, office or any other venue. The inevitability of napkins lies in the fact that this is a product which is taken for granted by everyone and is sorely missed when it is not close at hand for being used. There was a time when napkins were made of cloth but gradually as the concept of hygiene, environment and cost took precedence over all other factors, the switch to paper napkins was achieved and now is in vogue throughout the world. The use of paper napkins as eco-friendly hygiene products is the accepted norm nowadays due to the associated advantages of being more hygienic, cost effective and maintenance-free.

In order to reiterate its belief in eco-friendly hygiene products and cleaning supplies, wide rang of napkins which can be further classified into different types like cocktail napkins, dinner napkins, luncheon napkins and all-purpose napkins which are suitable for being used on all occasions. There are different varieties under the category of cocktail napkins as well like paper napkins, printed cocktail napkins, wedding napkins and black napkins. All the varieties of cocktail napkins are available in particular sizes and dimensions and can be purchased in numbers depending on the requirements of the buyer. However, these napkins in packets with specific numbers so that the entire packet has to be purchased while buying cleaning supplies.

Napkins feature as a part of cleaning supplies in large quantities during parties and banquets since, as their name suggests, they are used by the guests throughout the gathering for serving a number of intentions. Paper cocktail napkins are preferred due to their easy handling, disposable nature, cost effectiveness and variety of colors and textures which can be chosen to suit any occasion. Likewise, printed cocktail napkins can be chosen as per one's requirements and can even be personalized to mark the particular occasion for which they are meant. Wedding napkins, as the name suggests, are used for weddings and can be imprinted to commemorate the day. It is very common to find customized wedding cocktail napkins since a personal touch on the napkin is capable of making the occasion memorable as well as pleasant.

Black cocktail napkins are seldom used for all occasions but add a touch of elegance and style when used for specific reasons. Since black is the color of night, these napkins are often used to grace occasions which are held during the night like dinner parties, cocktail parties, receptions and corporate gatherings.


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