Tips to Planning the Perfect Kid’s Birthday Party


The first thing you want to do is identify what your child loves or loves to do. Do they have their favourite character on the television or do they love cars or planes? Maybe your child is a sporting enthusiast or they maybe a little older and want a more sophisticated birthday experience.

Spend some time and come up with a theme that can be carried though the party. Make notes of everything you a re going to need to turn your home or venue into that perfect experience. Remember plates, napkins, drinking cups, prizes and more.

With a theme in place, you are gong to want to purchase some invitations. The invitations should be fitting of the theme. Put a guest list together. Remember that if you are working to a budget, consider the price per head cost to ensure that it comes in within your budget. You may have to narrow down the guest list slightly to ensure that you stay within your budget at all times.

Now you are going to have to start looking for a venue or location for the birthday party. The venue should be chosen based on the theme. An outdoors sporting theme may be better if held in an open park, while a disco themed party is best held in a hall or at home. Contact the venue as soon as possible, giving yourself plenty of time to find an alternative venue should they be booked. Remember the sooner you get your booking in, the more likely you will secure the venue you feel is the best match.

Once your invitations have been completed, your venue booked and your theme chosen, you should look for some decorations. Decorations can also be chosen based on theme. Having a sporting party? Then consider posters of famous athletes, some sporting games and items around. Maybe hold it at a football field or open park.

Decorations can be anything from balloons to posters to items. Choose carefully, remembering the age of the child and what you would like to see if it was your party.

Consider hiring some entertainment. You cannot keep all the children occupied at all times. Not to mention you are going to be checking on food and keeping an eye on events, you also do deserve a chance to sit down and relax for a few minutes. Hiring entertainment can keep the children busy and engaged for an hour or two. The entertainment you choose should be based on the theme and the age of the child.

One of the last steps to take in planning the perfect kids birthday party is to focus on the food. You need to prepare some food. Easy quick finger snacks is best, based on the age of the children. You will also need to consider allergies and intolerances, making sure you have alternative options for children who cannot eat the cake, for example.

The final step once you have the party planned and the cake ordered is to ensure you have the few items you may need to be prepared on the day. Things do happen and can go wrong. Being prepared and having that back up plan can make a big difference to how successful the day turns out to be.


Source by Abdelkader Chroudi

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