Tips For Fun Birthday Invitations


Birthday’s for the young are getting more and more elaborate and the birthday invitation is an important component of any birthday celebration. Nothing gets people talking more about an up and coming birthday party than the invitation. Whether it be a sweet 16, a 21st or even a 30th birthday party everyone is trying to outdo each other with their invitation and party. Here are some tips for turning your birthday invitation into a hit with your friends:

  • Make it funny, it may sound simple but add humor to your invitation and you’re sure to stand-out.
  • Add photos to your birthday invitation. If you’re turning 30 use photo editing software like Photoshop to paste your head onto a picture of an old person.
  • Add funky colors to the birthday invitation which grab the reader’s attention.
  • Choose a birthday invitation with sound. Many invitations and cards these days can come with sound when you open them up.
  • Go interactive and green, stores are selling software which you can download and make e-invitations. Sending the card is the easiest part, all you do is email it.
  • Create an online birthday invitation on a social network page. These styles of invitations have become very popular of late. People can then let you know in real-time if they’re attending or not and they can leave comments.
  • Make it themed, if you’re going to have a superhero party, make the invitation reflect your theme.

Birthday invitations are becoming very popular again, people love receiving them and much time and energy goes into the making of invitations. There are many tools out there to help you with your design and many companies specialize in birthday invitations. At the end of the day we only celebrate a certain birthday date once, so we should make the effort with the invitation and the party.


Source by James G Coleman

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