Throw An Awesome Birthday Party With Some Flashing Light Swords


Kids will be kids. And we want to celebrate whatever time we have with them as parents before they are all grown up and leave the home. One of the ways to do so would be when we have birthday parties for them. So when you are thinking of planning the party, you may want to consider getting some spanking new flashing light swords for the kids to play or as gifts. Here are some useful suggestions to consider.

Have It In The Evening

If you would like to see the full effect of any glow product, the best would be to activate or play with them at night when it is dark. And since these light up swords will be flashing non-stop since they are battery powered, you could only see them clearly lighted up at night or in a dark room. So plan your birthday party in the evenings. That way, if you are giving these light swords as gifts to your kids, they will be able to enjoy playing with them there at night. On top of that, there are also other types of glow products that you could get to make it more fun at the party. Items such as light up glasses and flashing necklaces are quite popular at parties.

Have A Fun Sword Fight

You could even have a fun sword fight competition where kids and adults could participate. In fact, throw in a few water guns and water balloons in the process! That would really make the party rock. Parents who do not wish to see their entire house turned upside down should consider having the party in the garden or in a park in the evening. The kids who attend are going to absolutely enjoy themselves silly. But please make sure that you get everyone to help clean up the mess later on. Even if you are using water guns or throwing water balloons at each other, you will still need to help pick up whatever trash and not leave the place a mess.

Keep The Toy

Whenever you are feeling bored, you could still have some fun with your kids as these light swords are great toys to have. Just change the batteries if the light is getting dim or has gone out. You really can't go wrong having these in your home as the kids could play with them any time they like. Maybe after the party, the other kids may want to bring them home so be ready to part with them.


So make it really fun for your kids when you throw a birthday party for them and their friends. You'll enjoy the memories later on when you look back at how much fun you had with them.


Source by Amelia Warmheart

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