The Unicorn Birthday Party Theme – A Mystical Little Girl’s Birthday Party


A Unicorn birthday party theme is an enchanted theme that is perfect for that sweet little girls’ party. There is magic in this beautiful and mystical creature that is full of purity and goodness. What better girls birthday party theme? There are some pretty party decorations and several different patterns to choose your party supplies from.

A Unicorn themed event should have a magical quality about it. You can pick some party supplies that have the enchanted Unicorn on it. Plates, napkins, cups and even party invitations and thank you notes!

There are lots of ideas for a Unicorn party favor for a kids party. You can make some beautiful star topped magic wands, or print out some free Unicorn coloring pictures to use as a party favor. Just put the coloring pages into a colorful kids party bag along with some crayons. Make the magic wands so it is not only a party favor, it’s a party craft too.

Find some Unicorn cupcake toppers or an edible image of one of these magical horned horses to put on your birthday cake. Using toppers and edible images can save you a fortune because it let’s you bake the birthday cake yourself. Check out how much your local bakery charges for a simple birthday cake and you will be glad you decided to make a homemade cake for your daughter’s party. Wait until you see how amazed everyone will be when they see the cake you have designed and decorated…all by yourself. They aren’t going to believe you really made it at first! Then everyone will think you are the most talented Mom in the town!

There are lots of unicorn games you can plan for your girls party. One is a game you can buy online and it’s a familiar theme. It’s like Pin the Tail on the Donkey…but with a beautiful white, single horned horse instead. Imagine how the girls will laugh with delight when they see this game is for them to play. This game comes with everything you need to set it up and play, except for a blindfold. You will need to supply that on your own.

A childs’ party should be a wonderous event and using this kind and gentle mythical creature as a theme, it will be. Party supplies, favors, cupcakes and even games are no problem at all when it’s you plan to use a a girls’ birthday theme. Unicorns are magical and we all know little girls are enchanting, put them together for the perfect little girls birthday party!


Source by Jillian Gallo

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