The Elements of Good Disco Party Theme Invitations


You’ve seen the t-shirts that scream “Punk’s not dead”? Well, if you’re a fan of disco, why not do something similar, only cooler? Go beyond wearing a lame T-shirt: hold a disco party! Bring the 70s and the 80s back to life! But note that even if you have a solid idea of the fun things you’re going to do in your disco party, you also have to think of the invitations. What should good disco party theme invitations look like?

People might think they have a good idea what disco party theme invitations are supposed to look like and contain, but when it gets down to the actual making, they might be surprised. How long ago has it been since disco was hot, and when was the last time one prepared anything disco-themed? The demand has been so long out of the market, and out of everyone’s minds, in general, remembering the right way to present a disco party might turn out to be a real challenge.

The disco years left behind quite a few motifs that will forever remain useful for disco-themed gatherings. You have mirrorballs, for instance: the quintessential emblem of disco. A creatively-designed mirrorball on the front of the invitation alone is enough to scream “disco party!”

It would be quite difficult to make a mirrorball graphic catchy without using colors or fancy add-ons, though, so don’t be afraid to use special art stuff on it – like silver foil paper cut out in small squares, or multicolored glitter. Anything to make it look three-dimensional!

A disco party is a dance party. And what’s a dance party if the invitations don’t have pictures of dancers in them? They don’t have to be pictures of REAL disco dancers (although a photo of John Travolta from the famous cover of the Saturday Night Fever DVD would always be a recognizable touch). Clipart and silhouettes, or sketches that you made yourself, ought to suffice.

Silhouettes of the famous disco “look” are of course recognizable also. Silhouettes of dancers with an afro hairdo, for example, would definitely say “80s” right off. Recognizable clothes such as bangles, bell-bottomed jeans and ponchos are also part of the disco getup, so if you include dancers with this “gear” on your invitation, there’s no mistaking what the theme of the party will be!

And of course, there’s the psychedelic color scheme. Admittedly, the psychedelic theme only enjoyed a hit during the early days of disco, during the late 60s and early 70s, but it still stands as a symbol of disco. If your party wants to bring those colorful days back, bring on the bright reds, yellows, oranges and greens on your disco party theme invitations!


Source by Trevor Mulholland

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