The Best Wedding Venues In Santorini


By choosing Santorini as your wedding destination you have already ensured to have various numbers of beautiful wedding venues as options. Now you just have to select one!

A Santorini wedding has its own flair: a long history, Mediterranean ambience, friendly people and of course a spectacular ocean view. Here is a list of the best wedding venues in Santorini:

Venetsanos Winery

With the 250 square meter terrace overlooking the Caldera, this venue is especially perfect for a big wedding. The air conditioned outdoor venue is suitable for ceremonies, cocktail parties and dinners. This is very convenient as you don’t have to change locations.

Santa Irini

Also called Agia Irini, is one of the most popular wedding venues in Santorini. It is very romantic for small weddings or elopements. The surrounding and 180 degree ocean view is mind-blowing!

Santo Wines

This location has breathtaking views as well – the Vulcano and Aegean Sea build the perfect backdrop for your wedding. It is the right wedding venue for all demanding couples in the world.

Suits of the Gods

Suits of the Gods is a luxury 5* Hotel in Santorini. It has amazing outdoor areas with beautiful view, all complete with high standard rooms and dining experience.

Dana Villas

Dana Villas is another luxurious Resort with a mix of traditional Santorini design and a modern touch for the elegant ambience, which makes it to a very high class and luxurious one among all the Santorini wedding venues.

Ambassador suites

Ambassador suits is a Hotel which has everything for what Santorini stands for: elegant and luxurious rooms and facilities, incredible traditional architecture and service of the highest standard!

Traditional Windmill

For those who want to have an unique experience in the most special set up you could have. The Windmill offers the perfect backdrop for an Ancient wedding or simply a photo session in a spectacular venue.

Beach wedding in Santorini

Although beaches on the island are stunning a Santorini Beach wedding is not a demanded one. The reason is that couples, who are deciding on a wedding in Santorini, wish to enjoy a typical Santorini or Greece wedding venue with all the main benefits Santorini has, like the stunning white cliffs and beautiful views over the ocean.

Make it personal

Nothing can be ever more unique than adding your and your partner’s personal love story to your wedding. That’s pretty simple to do. You could place some photos of your most memorable moments around the ceremony or reception area; personalize your souvenirs with an engraving or a personal message. Simple details contribute the most to the overall setting.


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