The Best Corporate Team Building Activity – Deadly Effective, Simple, Yet Most Underrated Method


Forget about the fancy corporate message that nobody but the top managers can understand…

It’s so simple yet deadly effective…

If you want to build the No. 1 team in your organization, especially in a corporate setting, this might be the most important article you are about to read.

I know you might have overlooked one of the most EFFECTIVE methods.

… you do not need a fancy corporate trainer.

… you do not need Franklin Covey manual.

Do you know what it is?


Do this every week: Every week, set a day when your team gets together and have a potluck. If you cannot afford to do this, try holding the lunch every other week.

Pretty soon, you will see other teams in your organization wishing they belonged to your team. It’s the food that brings people together… Everyone could smell and breathe your good food aroma when they walk by your cubicles.

I know you think it’s “silly” and beneath some of your dignified, trained approach to conformity. Really? You don’t think your employees yawn when they’re attending a “workshop”?

Ask yourself this – What’s the point of Team Building anyway? It’s to bring teammates together and your job as a leader to get people excited assigning different tasks.

Tip: My experience shows Mexican Burrito potluck and Sandwich themes have outranked in popularity.

IF YOU HAVE THE GUTS to do even something bigger, but want to hold it as ONE TIME event for your organization, don’t just hold a team potluck, but do department wide or the corporate wide potluck.

Then watch hundreds and thousands of people smile and see how they express their love for food and for the event.

Heck, do yourself a favor and let your local news station know you’re inviting their reporter for this fun event to demonstrate how lucky these employees are working for your organization. Let the reporter know she and the crew are invited to join (FREE food!).

Send them an email saying with the title – “XYZ Company Holds A Company Wide, All Employees Involved, 1500 Dish Potluck For Corporate Team Building Event” or something in this fashion.

EVEN BETTER: Tie in a good cause or charity into the event to make it newsworthy and worthwhile spreading.

Do you know why this works? Because it’s different – it’s not “the usual corporate training” your team is used to having to attend. It breaks the usual pattern of what people expect at team building event and the initiative catches them off guard.

They will talk about this event. How different and fun to have the widely spontaneous “let’s do company-wide potluck!” initiative. Talk about something different and that’s what’s going to give a relief to the often too conformed, overworked employees.

Now go implement. Be different from all other teams or companies. Do something different to show you care about your project and want to make a difference.


Source by Takuya Hikichi

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