The Best and Worst 18th Birthday Ideas!


When you are booking a party, or planning 18th birthday ideas in general, there are some do’s and don’ts that come along with the responsibility. If you follow this quick list, you will ensure that all your 18th birthday ideas match with the things an 18 year old boy or girl are expecting at their party, or just on their big day in general.

• Never hire entertainment that is usually for the younger generation! As much as you hate it, your little boy or girl is not a child any more, and they will expect to have the entertainment for adults – just don’t go too far!

• Don’t hire a DJ that does not match with the tastes of the person who is 18, or their friends. You can imagine the faces of the people at the party if they are into Heavy Rock, and the DJ plays nothing but Dance and Techno music!

• Don’t assume that the person wants 18th birthday ideas that involve a party. They may prefer to go to the cinema, bowling, to play pool, or any number of things. If it’s a surprise party, ask their friends where to have the venue, but if it’s not – ask the person themselves.

• Make sure you observe the legal drinking age for your country!

• Don’t even think about embarrassing the 18 year old with photographs of when they were babies…. unless you’re going to have BIG photos!! There’s nothing better than all their friends laughing at their cute baby photos, or whilst they were growing up. Many parties do this, and a photo wall is a very nice gesture.

• Don’t invite anyone to the venue that the person doesn’t like! Make sure the guest list does not just include people from their class at school or college – make sure it is vetted by someone who knows their circle of friends.

• 18th birthday ideas that include any kind of FUN or excitement are what is required. Don’t book the person into a health spa, or a day at the swimming pool – they want to have a thrill packed day!

If in doubt – always consult the friends of the person. Your 18th birthday ideas must include the input of people who know the person best, and the gifts will be the last thing on the 18 year old person’s mind… it is going to be the day that counts. If they are surrounded by people who care about them, and who want to make sure their day goes with a blast – then your 18th birthday ideas have done their job!


Source by Alexandru Dobrota

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