Team Building For Small Businesses – Can Your Really Serve 100 Clients in 100 Days? (Yes, You Can!)


The most important asset in your business is the solution you provide to your customers. The second most important is the team you have created to deliver that solution reliably and repeatedly.

The fastest way to serve 100 customers in 100 days is by expanding your thinking beyond “I do it myself.”

Let me give you just three steps. I’m known for breaking things into simple, easy to follow steps – as doable as can be. So here are the steps that are foundations for long-term success.

3 steps to build a team that serves 100 clients with ease:

1. Hire for expertise – Your clients don’t want you be the only person who can answer their needs (that’s just adding risk to their own business). They also don’t want to be the training ground for junior talent.

I recommend you hire ‘the most you can’ rather than ‘the least you can get away with’ when you build out your team. That way you’ll have competence on board to accelerate service delivery, problem solving and adding new lines of service for your customers as your business grows.

2. Design systems that leverage that expertise – A mistake many business owners make is hanging on to their own ‘know how’ instead of turning it into systems. With new folks on board you’ll want to incorporate your experience and theirs into fresh systems. Those systems guarantee your entire team can provide comparable excellent results to all those customers.

3. Sell your team to your customers – Have you caught yourself saying “I’m the only one who really understands my client’s challenges?” If you hire beginners you’ll be right.

On the other hand, hire people who have been ‘elsewhere’ and you gain the ability to sell that expanded ‘know how’ to your client’s business.

Bonus Tip – Productivity is created when you step out of the do-er role and into the leader role. The sooner you build your team, the faster you can fill your client roster. 100 clients can be merely the start of your vision for your business.


Source by Linda Feinholz

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