Team Building Activities for Kids That Are Selfish


It can be hard working with children who are selfish. Not only because they do not work well with others, but because they very rarely want to try new things. This is because they want to stay in their own comfort zone, in order to control the situation. These types of children need team building all the more, and can benefit from a large amount of teamwork. Working with or on any time will help children realize they are not the only ones who have a voice. Other children and adults can make plans and choose how things turn out.

If you are looking to find some team building activities for kids that are selfish, you should stick to group activities as well as pair work. This will bring the child out of where they are comfortable and force them to interact with others. When a child is out of where they feel comfortable, they will try new things. If a child is selfish, working with a team can help them learn to share, and work with others. Lone sharing activities do not work well, as this is a child who does not need to share more, but less about themselves.

Team building activities for selfish children should also have them thinking about others, and finding ways to increase the people they associate with, as most selfish children stick to one group. A couple group activities that may work well with such a child are:

Games for children

BLANKET NAME GAME: Have your group create two teams. These teams will be hidden from one another by a blanket. They will start to ask one another questions, while still hidden. Each child will choose someone from the other side they would like to see. Once each child has picked someone from the other side, they will drop the blanket and see who they have picked. This can be really fun when the teams do not know each other, or they are not very close.

HOG CALL: Create teams of two, and from there each team must choose an animal sound and a machine sound. With their eyes closed each child must try to find their partner (they start off on different sides of the room) once they have found their partner they must bump chests and stay together until all the partners have found one another. This is a great game for team bonding, creating a bond by fun. You can play this game outside, or indoors if you have the space.

TIP: If you have 2 children who seem to not get along, perhaps they should be teamed up, to see if they can find common ground.

Both of these activities will ensure the child does not play alone. It also insures that each child is able to use a voice, rather than one selfish child doing it all. Selfish children only need a little guidance and some teamwork to find out it is more fun to be part of a group.


Source by Paul Abernathy

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