Supplies and Items Needed For a Safe and Fun Block Party


A block party is a great way to get together with friends, family, and neighbors. There is a lot to do to prepare for this grand celebration and with the information that will follow I hope to help you out. Lets start with the block as a whole. You will need to think safety at your block party. Some items that are a must:

1) Traffic cones
2) Caution Tape
3) Flashing lights
4) first aid kit

You will need to block off both ends of the street and any cross streets. There will be people walking around (some might even be tipsy) and lots of kids playing and riding bikes). There is nothing worse than an injury to ruin a great day and it happens all the time. DOn't be cheap when it comes to letting the public know your street is close. WIll will need the blinking or flashing lights for the evening. SOme people block the street with cars, but I still would get some bright orange cones and lites. Criss Cross the street with caution tape for added safety. All homes on the block should chip in for these items and they will last for years.

Now lets move to the front of your own house. You will need the following items at your block party:

1) Tables
2) Chairs (have everyone coming to the block party bring a chair)
3) lots of paper goods (cups, plates, napkins)
4) BBQ
5) Pop UP tent (rain is a bummer)
6) Coolers
7) Extra Garbage Cans
8) Sterno's

Now last some items to entertain your guest:

1) Radio
2) games such as lawn darts, sand art, face painting, kiddie pools, etc.

This is a great start to have a safe environment and a fun afternoon. Please see some of our other articles for a more indepth look at having a block party.


Source by Michael N

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