Start Planning an Election Day Birthday Party


Election day is not too far away. Before you know it, it will be the second Tuesday after the first Monday in November, and voters will be headed to the poll to take part in the democratic process. If you know somebody who has a birthday coming up around the time of election day, and who is interested in politics, why not throw them an election day-themed birthday party? Combining one of their passions with the celebration of their birthday will certainly give them a time to remember!

For starters, you’ll want to send out enticing invitations. Since it’s election day, you should consider including a lot of American imagery in your announcements. One route you can take is to use plenty of red, white and blue. Invites that are decorated with the American flag is can be a good choice. Your friends will surely get in the spirit when they receive an invite printed on the stars and stripes. Another way you can pay homage to the political process with your invites is to send out ones that are adorned with the symbols of the Democratic and Republican parties. Regardless of their party affiliation, the donkey and the elephant will be likely put a smile on their face.

Once you have selected your invitations, you should turn your attention to decorations. As was the case with announcements, you should include an abundance of the nation’s colors. Patriotic flag garland is a good place to begin. You can string it along the inside of your home to provide a perfect backdrop for the party. Red, white and blue metallic door curtains may also be a shiny addition to your shindig. Along with garland and a door curtain, think about hanging some patriotic swirls that contain flags and other uniquely American images. If you really would like to add a unique stamp on your election day bash, you should arrange a life-size stand up of President Obama. Your guests will definitely love having the opportunity to take a picture with a cut-out of the commander in chief.

While decorations and invitations are both important aspects of the birthday party, you need supplies as well, to make sure that it goes off without a hitch. To begin, you should purchase an ample supply of red, white and blue paper goods. You should make sure that you acquire paper plates, cups and napkins for your guests when you serve food.

A staple of birthday parties over the years has been balloons, and your election day birthday bash should be no different. Inflating some red, white and blue balloons will be a great addition to your gathering. Finally, how about having some noisemakers for your guests when the results are announced? If their favorite candidate emerges victorious,they will likely want to celebrate.

For political enthusiasts, there are few things more exciting than election day. The compelling nature of exercising a fundamental right combined with the celebration of a birthday will result in a great time had by all.


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