Secret Mission Impossible Theme Party Ideas for Kids and Adults


Want to hear a secret? Mission Impossible is all the rage. Ever since the Mission Impossible series of movies, the secret agent genre has seen a revival. James Bond had become dead and dull, no one had thought of making Frederick Forsythe’s Bourne series into movies yet and there was no action in the secret agent game. But ever since Tom Cruise toned up and put on a wireless headset, a tight black tee and slick smile, secret agent movies are everywhere. Spies never had it so good. And people love it – for teenagers and adults, the secret agent Mission Impossible lifestyle is the definition of cool.

For your Secret Mission Impossible party, make sure you get everyone to wear ultra-fitted clothes – tight long pants or pencil skirts and fitted shirts or tees for both the men and women. If you go to a spy party, you have to dress the part. Slick back hair or tie it in a simple pony tail. Food should be classy and casual, such as cocktails with little umbrellas and plates of cucumber sandwiches.

Try a party game for your secret Mission Impossible party – invent one or buy one at your department store. Make sure that everyone participates. Invites should be cryptic and give only enough information for your guest to get there. Choose a simple theme like black and white. Play the theme from spy movies as a soundtrack to your party and to stand out as the host, you can even wear dark glasses (as long as you don’t trip over something indoors). Use your mobile phone headset to look more like a cool secret agent from Mission Impossible.

If you pull it off well, a Secret Mission Impossible party has the potential to be a great night. It doesn’t take much to capture the atmosphere and plan a fantastic party.


Source by Gail Leino

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