Retirement Parties


Retirement is a very important stage in a person’s life and should be accepted gracefully. Some people consider retirement as an opportunity to do what they like and are happy about not being bound to a fixed routine any more. They celebrate their retirement by throwing a retirement party. Colleagues and employers can also arrange a party in honor of the retiree. Big parties can be arranged with the help of a professional event organizer. Surprise retirement parties are always very popular as the retiree is least expecting it. The latest party trend is to have a party based on a particular theme.

The guest list should be meticulously chalked out and invitations must be sent to them accordingly. Typically, a guest list can include the names of colleagues and old school friends and other close friends. It is advisable to specify clearly the time of the party so the guest know exactly what to expect. If possible, the type of party can also be specified in the invitation such as “a cocktail party” or a “surprise party.” Blank invitation cards can be purchased from stores or a suitable card can be hand made that can go well with the theme. A picture of the retiree can also be added on the card to give it a personal touch. Guests should be duly informed if there is a specific dress code to be followed for the party. Gift preferences can also be included in the invitation card. Most colleagues contribute an equal amount to purchase one single gift for the retiree.

It is advisable to select the snacks and dishes that are preferred by the retiree. Food can be served in buffet style, as it requires less space. For parties of longer durations, it is recommended to include a variety of snacks.

It is advisable to keep a camera or video camera ready to capture those special moments. These photographs and video clips will always remain close to the hearts of the retirees.


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