Prospecting For MLM – An Industry Expert’s Formula For Off-Line Team Building


It always seems intriguing to me when I hear Network Marketers say that they’ve exhausted their list and don’t have any more warm market to talk to, so they get discouraged instead of developing their marketing skills and going out turning cold market prospects into their warm market. Everyone has experience with turning cold market into their warm market, whether they know it or not because I’m sure you’ve been in a romantic relationship prior to now (if you’re not currently in one) and I’m sure you can concur that at one point your mate was cold market and you converted them into your warm market.

I’ve discovered that a lot of individuals try to hide behind their computers and enroll new business partners into their group without picking up the cell phone and connecting with their potential team members. We can’t ever forget that no matter how powerful leveraging the Net can be for your business, people do business with folks that they like and trust, so there’s no way around management meeting new individuals and establishing a rapport with them.

Prospecting for MLM and the Law of Averages

And so with that in mind we have to move as many people through our funnel as humanly possible, online and offline. Most folks dread Offline prospecting for MLM for a lot of reasons but let me be the first to advise you, from experience, that when you combine offline prospecting for MLM and the leverage you get from using the internet something absolutely enchanting arises(and you’re going to hear me reiterate this a good deal). One other advantage you get from putting into action offline strategies when prospecting for MLM is that you can build a large downline right in your local area which will give you an increased rate of retention because you can develop more of a community type environment for your downline.

Today I’m going to supply you with a synthesized edition of the Prospecting for MLM- Method for Offline Downline Building and you can start putting into action these procedures into your business immediately, for little or no Cost at all….

1. Tracking down Hometown Networking Groups: (Ex., BNI (Leads Networking Group) and your local Chamber of Commerce.) With search for your city then type in words like home business, network marketing, MLM, Internet Marketing or anything else you have an interest in that’s similar to your business. Register with those organizations that appeals to you and make it your business to go to the gatherings and start networking. You do not want to be at the event trying to recruit people right then, you just want to accumulate business cards and follow up with them within just 24-48 hours while you and the event is still fresh in their minds.

2. Gathering Offline Leads: (Ex. Bandit Signs, Post It Notes, Drop Cards, Business Card Fish Bowls at Restaurants etc.) For the time being, I’m just simply gone focus on the business card fish bowls at restaurants. It’s really quite simple… You need to visit local restaurants and ask if it’s cool if you can sponsor lunch once per month for a business card drawing. Place a fish bowl at the restaurant with the drawing details. It ought to say something like, “Drop Your Business Card to Enter to Win a 100 % Free Lunch.” Call up the lucky winner and tell them that they won a free meal on you! Find out what they do and ask if they are open to earning money in addition to what they’re currently doing. Get in contact with additional participants to tell them that they didn’t win and see if they’re open to generating much more money as well.

3. Local Meetings: As you are aware, you want to have as many home meetings and hotel meetings occurring in your organization as possible, but outside of those meetings, do everything you have to do to get a local restaurant owner on the team and get going holding regular meetings at the restaurant. This is great for the restaurant’s business and it’s very good for your business. Maybe if you do the fish bowl technique you can establish relationships with local restaurant owners and see if they’re open to earning extra money. Word of advice: Several restaurant owners aren’t earning the money they were making ten or even five years ago, so many of them will be open to new income opportunities.

4. Standard Prospecting For MLM (Calling Leads): Most individuals will never pick up the cellphone, so this alone will separate you from the bunch and develop you into an expert when it relates to prospecting for MLM. Here is one good example of how I would do it:

Above all as you may already know, when prospecting for MLM, you want to start bY building rapport…

-Hi, is this (first name)? How are you? I’m calling you because you responded to some advertising I did about generating income from the comfort of you home, is this correct?

– Great! Is now a good time to speak, do you have a few minutes?

-Awesome! What do you do?

-How long have you been doing that?

– Do you like it?

– Have you actively been searching for income opportunities?

– Has something recently changed in your life that has you open to new opportunities?

– What type of income are you currently accustomed to generating?

– What are your income goals for the next 3 months?

– Because I’m seriously looking for folks that are serious about generating a $10,000 per month income, does this sound like you?

– I have a presentation that goes into detail about my company. It’s about 20 minutes. How soon could you spend 20 minutes on my website watching the presentation?

5. Creating T.E.A.M Synergy & Community: E-mail or send out a text blast to your downline when you recruit a brand new business partner welcoming them to the squad and introducing them to everyone else. When you get a new rep immediately introduce them to another individual in a leadership position, in addition to anyone else on the team that is “like them.” Hold challenges with your organization! If you’re holding local meetings, buy a trophy and engrave, “World’s Best Prospector,” on it. Bring it to your meetings and present it to the man or woman that brings the most guests for the week.


Source by Marquel Russell

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