Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday


Wow. . . has it really been a year since your little one came into your life? Time flies, doesn’t it? Now it’s time to plan the first big party of your child’s life! How do you go about it without going completely overboard, but at the same time making the occasion memorable? Let’s get started!

    Decide on a theme

At one, most little kids haven’t developed any fierce loyalty to any cartoon characters, but you can still pick a theme for your little one’s first birthday party. Having a theme to your party can be as simple as picking a favorite color or object to tie your decorations, plates, napkins and cake together. Is your daughter’s room decorated in butterflies? Think about having a “flutterbug” party. Is your little boy an October baby? Maybe a Halloween themed party with an orange trimmed cake would work for you. Just use your imagination and figure out what fits your child’s personality and first year best.

    Get your invitations

Invitations should go out three weeks prior to the party to give your guests enough time to respond and you to plan. Consider sending photo invitations – they make a nice keepsake for your guests and a great memory for you. Include several pictures on the invitation, from your child’s birth throughout his first year – it will be a nice way for your guests to see how big your little one’s gotten!


You can tie your food into your theme if that’s possible. For example, if you’re having a Fall – themed party, you can consider serving traditional fall foods, such as pumpkin pie and apple cider. If you’re having lots of little kids at the party, make sure you’ve got kid – friendly food available (pizza, chicken nuggets, cheese sticks and so on). Oh, and avoid serving food with nuts (in case of allergies). And since kids typically come with parents, don’t forget them! No one wants to be hungry at a party, so be sure you have plenty of food on hand for all of your guests.

    The cake

Obviously, you’ll have a big, fancy cake for everyone to look at and take pictures of, but don’t forget the smash cake! The smash cake is a small cake that’s meant for the birthday boy or girl to. . .well. . . smash. Just put them in their high chair and put the smash cake in front of them. And make sure you have your camera ready to take lots of pictures of your messy (but happy) little one!

    Good bags

Goody bags aren’t necessary, but they’re a nice treat for the other little kids who come to celebrate with your little one. Fill a small bag with some candy, fun pencils or crayons and small toys, and your littlest guests will go home very happy.

Whatever you choose to do for your son or daughter’s first birthday party, it will be a day to remember for your whole family!


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