Planning a 70th Birthday Party


Reaching 70 years of age is an accomplishment and should be celebrated. Planning a 70th birthday party can be a fun and meaningful undertaking. The most important part of the planning process is to consider the guest of honor when making decisions. Here are some of the aspects to keep in mind when preparing for a successful party.

Who do I invite?

Think about which people make the guest of honor feel truly happy. Would he or she like lots of people or a small gathering of close family and friends? If you are thinking about having guests from out of town, you will want to notify them well in advance, so they can make travel arrangements.

What information should my invitations include?

Remember to list the purpose of the party, guest of honor, day of the week, date, time, and place. If you would like the guests to be part of the planning or bring anything to the party, include that as well.

Should I have a theme?

Hobbies and interests are often a great way to determine the theme of the party. Only use the "Over the Hill" theme if you know that the party recipient will enjoy it. If you wish to incorporate the 70 years of life, you can use "70 is the New 60" or "Age is Just a Number". Any quote that will positively represent the guest of honor is fine.

Where should the party take place?

With the guest of honor in mind, think about a favorite restaurant, type of food, or entertainment venue. "Pot Luck" meals, where everyone brings a dish, are often a great way to reduce costs and involve all guests.

What gifts would be appreciated?

Many people who are being honored for a 70th birthday appreciate sentimental gifts. Ideas include creating a guest book so that people can write their memories of the guest of honor. Compiling photos from friends and relatives and placing them in a photo album is also a wonderful gift idea. Finally, a video, played at the party is a wonderful touch. With camcorders, cell phone cameras, and easy editing software, developing a one is not expensive or difficult.

How do I record the event?

An event this important should be recorded. Assign a family member, ahead of time, to take photos or bring a camcorder. The guest of honor as well as the guests will appreciate having a permanent record of the party.

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