Ping Pong Table Tennis – An Idea To Arrange a Party


Want to have a fun and exciting party with your creative Rec Room, where your guest can interact and play? How about using your ping pong Table Top for your Tennis Themed Party!

Few ideas to make your party fun loving and well-organized –

Tennis Party Invitations:

In order to give a personal touch to your invitation, send the personalized Tennis themed invitation with your owning creativity that could make your guest more curious about the party and about the party’s theme. If you want to get creative with the party invitation, then grab a can of tennis ball and stick your invitation in the tube and send it to your guests!

Tell your guests that they must come in tennis outfits so they are ready to play Ping-Pong when they arrive. You can make the invitation an announcement that they are going to be in a tennis tournament. This will keep them guessing, but they won’t know that they will be actually playing on a Ping Pong Table.

Tennis Party Decorations:

Set up your Ping Pong Table as center court, and the “spectators” or guests can gather around to watch the game. You can even set up rows of seats around the Ping-Pong table, so you can really get that center court feel. Set up the food and beverage area as concession stand.

You can have some old tennis racquets, tennis balls, and even the tennis ball tubes as vase for decorations. Also having some yellow, green, white balloons and streamers around the room can really keep the theme going with the party.

Tennis Introduction Activity:

In order to make your guests feel like sports celebrities, you can set up a little area to have the couples get their pictures while they walk in. You can have little props such as tennis balls, tennis rackets, or tennis bags to really make them look like tennis stars. You can post those pictures on social networking sites like Facebook so as to share the fun moment with everyone once the party ended.

Tennis Food and Beverages:

Getting green tablecloths and yellow plates with white cutlery will make your party go colorful. You can use a bowl of tennis balls or the tennis ball tubes with flowers as a centerpiece of the table. Have some easy finger food that would be found at a concession stand such as chips, hot dogs, chicken wings, hamburgers, nachos, and fruit salad can me easy to prepare and stratify your guests.

For beverages keeping things light is the easiest. Of course having plenty of water bottles will be important or even a little Gatorade. But to keep party on roll, have some beer and wine on ice, it takes up less space than having a full bar. Plus don’t forget desert! Having cupcakes that look like tennis balls can be an easy treat to prepare and a great decoration for your food table.

Tennis Party Games and Activities:

When guest walk in, you should have a large tournament board set up so that all the “players” or guests are set up on the tournament board. This will help you to keep game scheduled, and the winner on track for playing on the Ping Pong Table. To keep things simple and short, you should set up a single elimination tournament bracket. Also have everyone play to 11 to speed up the games but of course you will need to win by 2 points. Then follow the normal Ping-Pong rules for playing singles for everything else for the final game. The final game you might want to play until 21 to keep the excitement on high. If you have lots of guests or you are short on time, you can have people play the doubles to make things go faster, or just have a couple’s tournament.

Tennis Party Favors

Depending on your budget, you can have a little awards ceremony to announce the winner or you can also give out other prizes such as most improved or best dressed. Having a personalized trophy for the winner with the date of the party will also make guests happy, and may be keep the tournament going for years to come!

You can use the photos as a memento for your guest as it would really be very touchy and will also make your guest happy while leaving the court or party.

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Source by Jeff P Simpson

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