Making a Kiddie Party Special With Cotton Candy


Have you ever thought of ways on how to make children’s parties a lot more fun? Maybe you’re a parent about to hold a birthday party for one of your kids. Or you just want to celebrate some special moments for your child and a kiddie party is rightly called for. Whatever the reason, you would of course love to make that party a very special occasion, one that makes such an impression that will last in your child’s memory to reminisce in the future years to come.

Actually, there are a lot of ways to make a kiddie party very special and memorable for all of the children involved. Making careful attention that every detail about the party’s location, schedule, themes, food, games, and favors will ensure a fun-filled, memorable event for the kids. One additional feature that can make a children’s party a lot more special is the presence of cotton candy, also known as candy floss and fairy floss.

Cotton Candy – A Party Favorite

Candy floss traces its origin back to the mid-18th century. It was also known then as fairy floss, and is a regular feature of fairs and carnivals. However, it wa not readily available then as it is today. This is due to the fact that its production in those times was both expensive and labor intensive. It was thus considered a luxury in those times that only the elite can afford to have taste of.

The history of this confection would change, however, when William Morrison, together with John Wharton, invented the cotton candy making machine in 1897. They have made the machine available to the public during the 1904 World Fair. This event marked the beginning of widespread availability of the fluffy candy floss treat. Since then, this confection has become one of the permanent features of fairs and carnivals, capturing the taste of adults and kids alike. The many colorful ways by which it was sold only added to its strong appeal to kids, even as adults also enjoyed this sweet treat. Because of its universal appeal and association with fun-filled fairs and carnivals, this confection has also made its way in both adult and childrens’ events.

Candy Floss as a Party Treat

As a favorite party treat among the kids, candy floss is actually easy to have. Because of the presence of modern candy floss machines, those who wish to make their children’s parties a lot more special can order this treat in pre-packaged form and in different colors, sizes, designs and shapes. Alternatively, renting a cotton candy machine would add a lot of fun to any kiddie party. Apart from the sweet and fluffy cotton candy treat that the machine produces, it also brings an ambiance of a fun-filled carnival to the party. Apart from enjoying the treat that they get, kids also love to watch and wait while the machine makes the sticky, fluffy, and sweet cotton candy. Because of such an appeal to kids, cotton candy has become one of the most popular features of childrens’ parties.


Source by Nonito Guntan Jr

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