Making A Gathering More Exciting


Parties can be mundane and repetitive. If you throw the same kind of parties every year, the novelty of the party will be lost if it is not different from the other parties held throughout the year. This goes not just for small parties at homes, but also for parties in clubs. Parties and social gatherings should have different themes. Only then will guests be attracted and only then will the memories of the party be cherished. There are many ways of organizing a truly unforgettable party. Here, you will find out about different ways of throwing such a party.

First, your party should have a theme. The theme can either be a legacy, or you can keep changing it. P. Diddy's White Party is famous because of its legacy. You can throw a party like that. Or, just keep changing the theme. The most recent events are basically the inspiration for many themes. You can also choose something from the past, like Greek civilization. Or, you can also make androids and science fiction the theme for your party. The crazier the theme, the more exciting it will be. A theme must also be decided keeping in mind the age group of the guests, and their interests. If the guest list is majorly a hippie crowd, may be science fiction would not suit them. Or if a guest list mostly includes fifty year olds, then costume-themed parties would not be a good idea.

After the theme, the most important part of a party would be the food and music. The food items can be named according to the theme, and colored according to the theme. When you decide on the menu for a party, keep in mind that there will vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Both kinds of tastes must be catered to. The kind of food is also something that you should keep in mind. If it is a dinner party, then you can have any kind of food, and maybe even a multi-course menu. But for parties where there will be music and dance, refrain from heavy food that require forks and knives. The menu for such a party should consist of finger foods mostly. Or, something that does not require much effort to be eaten. Chicken lollipops, money bags, spring rolls, wontons, etc. would be a great addition to the menu. As for music, like everything else, it must be in accordance with the theme. Make the playlist interesting. Don't just play songs of contemporary artists. Try to make a playlist consisting of unknown artists. It would add to the uniqueness of the party.

Last but not the least, the decor. The decorations should be in accordance with the theme. But, also, arrange the decorations such that the activities planned for the party can take place without any hindrance. There is no stopping you when it comes to the decorations for the party. But, one addition that will suit every party would be a fog machine. A fog machine can easily be rented and used at any event. They are great for Halloween parties, costume parties, demarcating the dance floor, etc. Fog is something that is only used at concerts these days. But there are portable machines that can be rented and used at any party. You should get one for your party and raise the excitement level.


Source by Premji M Nair

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