Looking Great in a Plus Sized Cocktail Dress


Many plus size women believe that they cannot look great and beautiful in cocktail dresses and they avoid going out to occasions. The truth is they are just missing out on great parties and memories because they just don’t know how to shop for a plus sized cocktail dress. There are dresses made for every body type and every style, especially when considering cocktail dresses. Although this is great, it is important to know what to look for when shopping for a dress, especially for plus sized women.

The main factor is the fit of the dress. A plus size dress should be perfectly slim on the upper torso and looser towards the bottom. If it is loose on top, it will make the body look even bigger and if it is too tight from top to bottom, it will not be flattering. The perfect balance is a slim top and loose bottom to be the most flattering for the body.

The next tip is the color of the dress. For plus sized women, it is best to avoid intricate patterns and colors and stick to solid, neutral colors. Colors such as black, maroon, and brown give slimming looks and will make the body look much leaner. These colors are also great because since they are neutral, they can be worn to different occasions year round.

Other factors that should be considered are the accessories worn with these dresses. It is better to wear bigger sized accessories such as the jewelry being worn. For a plus size woman, a bigger ring, watch, and necklace are preferred over smaller accessories. This creates a bold, confident look that is very attractive. There are countless ways to mix and match accessories with these dresses and the best way is to try on many different designs and find the best that works for you.

Cocktail dresses are not designed just for petite women, but all different body types. A plus sized woman can look sexy and attractive in a dress at a cocktail party as much as the next women. The key is to wear these clothes with confident and express yourself in the clothes you wear. You can mix and try on different shoes and other accessories with the dress to find the perfect balance and mix. There are countless ways to wear cocktail dresses which makes the entire process fun and exciting.


Source by Warren McGoverns

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