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Belgium is not only a good place for chocolate. Although many ladies would find newcomer Kaye Styles to be quite a delectable offering. Kaye Styles, born in Ghana on the 8th of November 1981 as Kwasi Gyasi, immigrated with his parents from West Africa to Belgium at the age of five. After his parents were deported, Kaye was forced to live in hiding for three years with a Belgian couple void of official papers from the government. This was not easy for him but after these years his parents were allowed to live in Belgium and they returned, but Kaye stayed officially with his foster parents until his 18th birthday.

It was positive attitude combined with his passion for music that kept young Kwasi going, music was his way of escaping the world, his way of communicating and reaching other people. In his teens Kaye (short for Kwasi) started to go out at parties and clubs and noticed that some DJs brought an MC with them.

When Kaye bonded his MC abilities with the music he surrounded himself with he realized that what he also wanted to do. Kaye combined mc'ing, rapping, and singing with his silky vocals and people couldn't believe what they were hearing, was it really that young man doing all this besides the DJ? People who frequently visited clubs where Kaye was performing started starting asking him how it was possible that he was combining different kind of 'STYLES' while giving it his unique touch.

Kaye Styles reputation started to build quickly and strongly in the underground scene. After performing at a friend's club (his future manager) Kaye began to realize that he could be more than a MC and he could achieve more when showcasing his own written and composed songs. At the age of 22 Kaye recorded his first demo song Crazy. Kaye soon joined Mostiko Records and offered him a five album deal. He started recording 'his' own songs now with professional producers and engineers.

Three months later, in the summer of 2004, Kaye flew to Los Angeles to shoot his first ever video for his single Gimme the Mic. The track became a top 20 European Billboard hit and people wanted to hear more. Kaye's first album titled True definition of Styles saw the light in October 2004. The record company released two other singles of the album and they both reached the top 50 on Billboard. Kaye Styles began touring Belgium, Holland, Germany, France and Morocco, reaching and touching fans in places he never dreamed of getting to when he was young. He was nominated for the 1st time at the MTV Belgian music awards for best R&B act in 2004.

January 2005 Kaye made his first cut for his second album, Profile and after performing it live at the Belgian Euro Vision Contest in front of a million TV viewers everybody knew that it would gain momentum. Profile entered the Billboard charts at number three and stayed there for 10 weeks. Kaye Styles then released his second album It iz what it iz. Maria Bonita and Safe Sex, a song he made to build AIDS awareness became another top hit.

He was nominated again at the MTV Belgian music awards for Best Urban Breakthrough artist in 2005. But the best was yet to come. In 2006 his manager received a phone call from the US television group Fox asking if Kaye Styles would be interested in producing the soundtrack for the Prison Break series in Belgium, a show that was at the time a massive hit in the states. Kaye accepted and made Prison Break Anthem. The track hit the stores and entered the sales charts at number 40, jumped to 11 and peaked at 3. It remained in the top 10 for 14 weeks and became the second largest airplay hit in Belgium in 2006.

Kaye Styles recorded his third album Main Event and the singles Hold Me Now and Don't Cry became top 10 songs. He was nominated for a third time at MTV Belgian music awards (best R&B, best video, best national artist 2006). The last single Styles released for the Main Event was Cheat on you, also this song reached top 20 on the Billboard charts.

After touring Europe at the start of 2007, Kaye Styles and his management decided that the US and the Caribbean countries should be the new musical adventure they should aim for. His management purchased Kaye's contract from the record company and they started their own Company 'On Lock Entertainment'.

Kaye Styles records his forth album First Born (release April 25 2008) and works with Producers from New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and teams up for his new single Shawty with Tariq L and Akon. Kaye is also touring the States in June and July 2008 on the Hennessy Artistry Tour to come back and conquer Europe again in the Summer.


Source by Chris Zerafa

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