Japanese Themed Hen Night


If you decide to organize a Japanese themed hen night for a friend it might take some work, but it will surely pay off. Don’t forget that Japanese culture is all about elegance, simplicity and discreet beauty. If your friend is a fan of this culture she will surely appreciate such an exotic party.

The location is very important. Of course you can have the party in a Japanese restaurant and that will make your work so much easier, but another place (like your home) might make everybody feel more at ease.

When you’ve chosen the location you may send out the invitations. Make them simple and interesting with rice paper and black sketches on one side. You can even write down the name of the bride-to-be in Japanese characters. Be sure to specify the theme of the party and that everyone is expected wearing a yutaka (the summer kimono).

If you’re having the party in your house, it’s time to pick up the decorations. You need a white or soft colored room, with simple carpets in the same colors. Choose a low wooden table and a lot of pillows to sit on. Order a beautiful ikebana for the table and maybe some bonsai to place around the room. Pick small bowls to serve the food in and Japanese chopstick. If you decide to make the food yourself choose simple but varietal recipes. You can even color the rice in pink, or blue or green with natural colors. It will certainly make an impression. The light in the room is important. You can use lamps with traditional shapes and motifs or a few paper lanterns. Choose some traditional Japanese music for the time the guests arrive, but change it quickly with more modern rhythms. You will be surprised of how little you knew about the Nipponese music and how much fun it can be. Make it a really unforgettable party by launching some flying lanterns with your friends on the night’s sky.

In the end you might discover that although there are nurse costumes, smurf costumes or military costumes that you can choose from, a yutaka can also be a wonderful idea. If you like Japanese culture you will surely love to organize all and to feel just a bit closer to the Asian soul.


Source by Jack Wogan

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