Imaginative 40th Birthday Invitations to Welcome Your 40th Year of Celebrating Life


It is indeed a wonderful stage in life to be turning forty. It deserves to be celebrated more elaborately than other birthdays. Life begins at forty, and people who’ve been with you through all these years need to join in the festivities on such a special occasion. It doesn’t take much effort or planning to send spectacular 40th birthday invitations.

There is a wide range of options to suit different needs when it comes to 40th birthday invites. Pictures certainly do speak louder than words. By including photographs and images in the invites, you can create special 40th photo invitations. These appealing invitations can serve as precious keepsakes for close friends and family. Creating photo invites with a theme is a good idea to create an impact and capture the attention of your guests.

Now that you’re forty, perhaps the kids are older and no longer need much of your time. You can think of all the things you’ve always wanted to do but never found the time to. How about learning to play a musical instrument or escaping to a private retreat? Maybe you would like to spend more time traveling. Turning forty is a great reason to pamper yourself and have a good time.

A unique selection of templates provides you with a wide choice of fortieth birthday invitations. From simple words to funny quips, and from monochrome to vivid themes, the choices of 40th birthday party invitations are many. Having an exciting template that befits a fortieth birthday party like a masquerade or an ‘over the hill’ theme can be fun and unusual.

40th birthday invitations can prove to be very convenient as you can view and order them online in the comfort of your own home. Customizing the invites is also quite simple. They can include a special message or quote. Personalized messages never fail in touching the hearts of your friends. Theme parties like masquerades can be fun and unusual. The best way to introduce the theme of a party is through the birthday invitations.

You can include all the necessary details such as the names of the host and guest, venue and time onto the invites. Additional details such as RSVP information, address and theme of the party can also be included. Matching envelopes make mailing the invites easier if you don’t plan on handing them over to people directly. They are also a convenient way to enclose and protect the invitations.

If you plan on throwing a surprise party for a loved one, include the contact information of the host, so that they know whom to coordinate with. Having sensational fortieth birthday invitations to hand out is sure to have your guests excited. The right invites can help you make your fortieth birthday a charming and meaningful affair. Imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they see the special fortieth birthday invitations that you’ve come up with.

This significant event can be made unforgettable in the company of friends and family. When seen with the right perspective, turning forty can be a rewarding experience. A fortieth birthday is a phase in life which is to be welcomed. Go ahead and pick the 40th birthday invitations that reflect this, and make the evening a truly memorable one.


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