Ideas for Team Building at Work Meetings and Seminars


Team building activities can be hard to execute in work meetings and seminars. In such instances, the primary hurdle that is mostly encountered is the lack of resources. While it’s always easy to foresee this, coming up with a viable solution still remains difficult for some. Here is a set of ideas for team building at work meetings. These are simply suggestive and it would be great if you could improvise on them.

The foremost thing would be to develop a mutual comfort in the relationship between the members. Most people call this ice-breaking, but ice-breaking is a term suited in situations when things are really cold. Even smiling associates need some extra sparks flying between them to let the smiles delve deeper into each others’ hearts. Games like ‘musical chairs’ are apt for such situations.

Next, simple indoor games which are commonly favorites as leisure games can be efficiently used. Mind you, nonsense games must be avoided. Include some Sudoku games, and make them solve a Sudoku as a group. It boosts the team building process, since they are applying brains, working as a team and also competing against each other, not just as groups but also as individuals.

If these seem to be very radical to you, then don’t yet give up on this list of ideas. Take this hardcore activity, straight from the books of management gurus. Assemble the teams/groups. Brief them about the past progress/regress. Give them pamphlets and ask them to interact between themselves and thereby design the procedural course of action to improve upon the past results.

This activity may seem a very succinct form of their daily jobs. But the fact prevails that it would be far too effective, since they are now doing it within a short span of time, say 15 minutes. This implies they must brainstorm & they have extremely less time to analyze too much. This gives them less time to counter each other’s ideas and hence they would bond better. At the end of the activity, their mutual respect would have escalated by considerable margins.


Source by Takuya Hikichi

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