Ideas for a Pirate-Themed Children's Party


In the old days, boys wanted to be swashbucklers as much as they wanted to be superheroes. Pirates were all the craze back then. The pirates we've all come to love are the romanticized versions since real pirates were not stories for kids. Still, pirates were popular.

Just when it started dying down, kids were reintroduced to pirates through the Johnny Depp films, Japanese animations, video games, and Peter Pan reruns. It has never been a better time to have a pirate-themed party for your kids.

A pirate theme is easy to do. Just think black flags, eye patches, swords, and hooks for a hand. Deciding to have a pirate-themed party can open up a lot of possibilities in terms of how the party is set up.

For instance, you can do the invitations the pirate way. Invitations can be made in calligraphy. They can also come with a treasure map designed specifically for the recipient. Each invitation is customized with the recipient's starting points being their own homes and the X-mark will be the venue where the party is to be held. You can put the invitations on envelopes made to look worn out. You can also put them in plastic bottles for that "message in a bottle" effect.

For décor, think pirate flags, crossed swords, bandanas, and treasure chests. Hang a few cardboard pirate swords on the shelves. Create a treasure chest and place it on a table. When the kids are done eating, you can open the chest to reveal goodies inside. These can be chocolates, candies, or any pirate giveaways.

For the food, it all comes down to how imaginative you are. The cake can be made to look like a treasure chest or treasure map. Cupcakes, chocolates, and other finger foods can be gold coins.

If you want to go the full nine, you can even make it a costume party for the children. The different costumes that the kids can play will make for a good game of "Give Me What I Want." Speaking of games, they can be given a pirate twist as well. For instance, you let the kid's play musical chairs. Instead of chairs, they'll be dancing around makeshift barrels.

There are a lot more things that you can do to transform a normal children's party into a pirate-themed party. If pirates aren't your thing, you can always look online for other party ideas that may be better for your child.


Source by Richard S Curtain

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