How To Stop Throwing Boring Birthday Celebrations


Sometimes birthday parties, when done year after year, can become a bit monotonous. You invite the same people to the same place to do the same things. Bowling alley parties or pizza palaces are often on the menu. Other times the gatherings simply don't go as planned. Scheduling conflicts may prevent friends and family from getting there. If you are stuck with a boring string of birthday parties, there is hope.

You can get your birthday parties roaring again when you begin to think outside the box. Getting out of the boring rut of partydom could merely mean throwing the next birthday bash at a venue that express birthday boy / girl interest, introduces them to a new activity or art form, or exposes them to a new culture.

Perhaps your area has no shortage of activities for great birthday party packages from inflatable playlands to theme restaurants.

High Energy / High Fun

Indoor play places that include bounce houses, inflatable climbers or even trampolines have become the big trend for birthday celebrations. It's not only fun, but burns off energy without leaving your house in shambles. Structured physical activities at places like gymnastic studios, dance academies and martial arts gyms can make for great parties. So can sports themed parties that not only engage the participants but also are an easy way for them to try new sports activities without the pressure of doing well or purchase to weeks of lessons.

If someone has a favorite attraction or amusement park, it might be a good idea to set that venue as a birthday celebration. Just have everyone hit the rides together and meet up for a birthday lunch and cake.

Something Artsy

You can go beyond the finger painting and crayons when kids are much older to do more complicated pottery painting or clay sculpting. You can rent time at these venues and every partygoer can have their very own pottery to paint or something to create out of clay. That you get to take it home for a birthday keepsake is all the better.

If the partiers are craft lovers, doing something at craft stores would be great for a nice theme party. (It only works if most of the participants like this kind of thing.) The stores can choose a craft tailored to the birthday child's interests then offer instruction to all kids in attendance who get to make the craft and celebrate the birthday in a private party room. It won't feel as though you are just there shopping.

Bring The Party to You

Mad Science parties can come to your living room or backyard. These are interactive scientific shows that entertain and educate. Partygoers can build and watch miniature volcanoes erupt, watch chemicals mix and blow up, and send rockets into the sky.

Food with a Theme

Theme restaurants are great for young and old because it offers something far more than simply good food and good company. When everyone is in the same spot eating and watching a show or being entertained in some way, this can prove to be a an exhilarating experience. Certainly not boring.


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