How to Say "Happy Mother’s Day" in a Memorable Way – Try Hosting a Tea Party


Hosting a tea party by having an afternoon tea on Mother’s day is a way to make your mother feel like a queen. There is nothing that says “Happy Mother’s Day” more than to indulge your mother with leisure conversation, tea and sweet and savory treats.

To give your mother an afternoon to remember is easy with a little planning. Having an afternoon tea can be whatever you want to make it. You can have an elegant formal tea, a casual informal tea or even a fun themed afternoon tea party.

Since you plan on hosting a tea party make it memorable one, you may want to include colors or special flowers that your mother would enjoy. I have a friend that had a themed afternoon tea with polka dots! Her mother loved polka dots, so the decorations and the theme were polka dots! How fun and memorable to have everyone that attended. They were all wearing polka dots! Her mother still recalls that afternoon tea on Mother’s Day will fondness and a smile.

Allow yourself to be creative and come up with what suits you and your mother’s preferences. Have fun doing it!

Hosting a tea party means making some decisions

Take time to determine where you are going to have your tea. If you are having the tea at home, consider the garden. If the weather is cool, set up an area that is warm and cozy. Incorporate the colors and theme of your tea into your decorations.

The next step in your planning is to determine the menu. There is a wide variety of things to serve at the tea. You can stick with the basics: offer a selection of hot teas, tea sandwiches and a variety of pastries, biscuits and scones. The common staples of lemon curd and clotted cream can be found online or in an English specialty shop.

Remember that there are no hard rules about how to serve your tea. And tea does not have to be served hot anymore! Although the British would take exception to that!

Be creative with tea cups and saucers

Concerned about the tea cups you are going to use to serve the tea? Think you don’t have enough cups or worried that they don’t match. The beauty of hosting a tea party is being able to mix and match the tea cups.

You may consider asking your guests to bring their favorite tea cup and saucer to the party. Or you may visit the local flea markets or thrift shops to find a variety of tea cups, tea pots and saucers. If you are lucky, you may come across a few cozies to keep those tea pots warm!

Make sure you plan the music to set the mood. The right music should be playing softly in the background, so as not to interfere with the girl talk that will be going on.

Consider starting your afternoon tea serving seasonal fresh fruit in tea syrup. This is a wonderful and tasty surprise that you will want to try. Trust me you will be asked to serve it again!

Indulge your mother with some special tea sandwiches, biscuits, a selection of special sweet pastries and petit fours. A family favorite I always serve is almond crème filled puffs. In my family, you cannot have an afternoon tea without them.

Afternoon tea is a time to socialize and relax. It is a time for mothers and daughter, who may also be mothers, a time to connect, relax and create memories. You may create a new family tradition and plan on hosting a tea party on Mother’s Day every year.


Source by Connie Bednar

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