How to Plan the Perfect Kids Birthday Party


Start with the menu. It is very important when sending out your invitations that you ensure you ask parents to advise you of any allergies and intolerances their children may have. It is worthwhile staying away from anything that includes nuts, such as peanut butter and try and stay away from dairy products, for children who are lactose intolerant. When it comes to gluten intolerances, ensure you make an effort to provide gluten free cupcakes or cake and also options that exclude any breads. If you are having hamburgers or hot dogs at the party, ensure you find a way for the children with gluten intolerances to enjoy them.

You will want to plan and then plan some more. Planning is key to a successful kids birthday party. You need to plan every aspect from the theme to the food and the games to the favours you will give each child when they arrive or leave. In the event you are having a party and you are trying to juggle work and home, it may be advisable to consider an event planning service provider that specialists in children’s birthday parties to make the party more memorable and enjoyable for the children, reducing some of your stress and making it a fun experience for you as well as your child.

Choose a venue and a date that you know will suit you. Remember you want to make sure you plan in advance whether you are hosting the party in your own home or you have booked a venue to cater to the number of children you intend to invite. Confirm your booking and pay your deposit to secure the booking and reduce the risk of disappointment. From here you can start focusing on the other aspects of the party.

Depending on the type of party you intend hosting, hiring an event specialist may be a cheaper and easier option, providing you with some peace of mind. These companies can arrange entertainment and provide you with a host of equipment from smoke and bubble machines to snow machines, disco balls and more. They can transform the party to make it one that will be remembered for years to come. You will also have peace of mind that the event planning specialists vet all their entertainers to ensure you can use their services with confidence at all times.

Send your invitations early. Remember that the school will be brimming with children celebrating birthdays during the week and wanting to hold their parties over the weekend. Try and send invites at least a month in advance, so parents can RSVP, let you know of any food intolerances and note the date in their diaries, so your child isn’t disappointed when their friends are already going to other parties.

Put your guest list together. You may want to invite only a few select children that your child is friendly with or you may want to invite their entire class at school. With your guest list in place, you can tick off those attending to help you ensure you have the right catering numbers.

The final step is to purchase your decorations, creating a great and fun party environment which is guaranteed to delight all the children on the day.


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