How to Plan a Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party for Adults


If you have never participated in one, you may wonder how to plan a scavenger hunt birthday party for adult guests? The age of the guests allows the planner to create an event that is not limited to one location. Planning a memorable birthday party requires three simple steps:

1. Choose a location

2. Determine the type of scavenger hunt

3. Create the list

Complete these steps and the rest of the party will almost plan itself.

Choose a Location

Scavenger hunts are a great activity because they can be done almost anywhere. If the party is being held at home the participants can work the neighborhood or nearby areas. If there are enough drivers attending a larger area such as a 5 mile radius can be included in the allowable search area. If the event is being held at a restaurant or other location use the surrounding area as an acceptable search location. Often there is an area where many restaurants, clubs or entertainment venues are within walking distance. This is an excellent place to have a scavenger hunt for adults. They can wander around to find the items on the list and return to a designated location within the time limit set to claim their prize.

Determine the Type of Scavenger Hunt

Not all scavenger hunts are the same. Some require individuals to gather specific items, others may require photos of items or a signature of a person who meets a specific criteria. When choosing the style of scavenger hunt consider the location. Some places, such as an art museum, may not allow photos to be taken while. Other places, such as a mall, don’t want people grabbing things without paying for them. Be creative and require participants to gather signatures of people who meet a specific criteria.

Create the List of Items

The list of items should be between 7 and 12 things. This will take participants about 45 minutes to an hour to locate all of the items. When possible use a theme for the list and the party for example here is a list of 10 items for a 50th birthday party theme:

1. A Happy Birthday sign

2. A 50 mph speed limit sign

3. 50 balloons (this works if there is a party store nearby)

4. A birthday cake ( can be found at a bakery, grocery store or party store)

5. A 50th birthday card

6. 50 different kinds of pop (the pop aisle at a grocery store)

7. 5 gold rings

8. Size 0 shoes

9. McDonalds sign 50 billion served

10. Number 50 displayed on a computer screen or media device

This list works for an area that has a department store, grocery store, and party store close together.

It is important to be creative when making a list. Brainstorm around the theme first and then narrow the choices down by what is easy to find in the chosen location.

Follow these three simple steps to plan a scavenger hunt birthday party for adults and the party will be long remembered as a fun event. Hosting a scavenger hunt has the added benefit of providing common ground for conversation at a party where not everyone knows each other.


Source by Dawn Marcotte

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