How to Plan a Birthday Tutu Party


Planning a party can be so overwhelming with so many decisions involved. If you have a little girl, look no further. I will guide you through how to put together a birthday tutu party she will love! Make lasting memories with this adorable idea. First thing first, always consider the age group you will be “partying” with. Attire, food, party favors, games, etc. won’t always be appropriate across the board for all age groups. You will need to tailor your ideas to the age group you’ll be catering to. Because these items can change drastically if you were to have a three year-old party versus a 12 year old birthday tutu party, I’m going to simplify and say my particular party planning will accommodate ages five to seven. Again, these ideas can be adjusted to throw a birthday tutu party for any age group. You can find baby tutus, toddler tutus, kids tutus, and even adult tutus.

Once you have considered your age group (Ages 5-7), you can plan the guest list and send out birthday tutu themed invites to all of the little girls invited. If you are creative and crafty, you can opt to make your own using a photo printer and embellishments. Locate pictures you like and print them onto a 4×6 photo card. You can add tulle, lace, sequins, rhinestones or whatever you see fit. Don’t forget the important items: who, what, when, where, & WEAR. Encourage each little girl to wear a tutu to match the theme of your party! Send them out with enough time for parents to get their outfits together.

Parents can opt to purchase a birthday tutu, use previous ballet costumes, borrow from a friend, or make their own. There are several how to ideas out there on the internet if you are interested in making your own. If you opt to purchase they can range quite a bit in price so you’ll need to decide how much you’d like to spend. Allow your little girl to choose her tutu colors and coordinate her party decorations to match. For example, if her birthday tutu is shades of pink, the decorations around the house and her cake should also be shades of pink.

When it comes to a birthday tutu party, décor is more! Anything that is sparkly and over-the-top would be appropriate. Girls of all ages generally love to get glitzy and glammed-up so the same goes for the party decorations. You can easily make sparkly letters that spell out her name and hang those. Also, happy birthday signs and streamers are always appropriate. It’s a cute idea to hang tulle around the edges of the chairs to make “tutu chairs” and the tulle can be reused for crafts or other tutus at a later point in time. Unless you are awesome in the kitchen, you will probably need to hire somebody to make the party cake, but you can tell them exactly what you want on it. Cake decorating can be so elaborate these days; you can pretty much get anything you want for the right price. Don’t forget to shop around.

Not only do you want to shop around for the perfect cake, but you’ll want to grab some party favors. The best kind of party favors for a birthday tutu party and those they can wear! Tiara, fake ring, necklace, and bracelet is ideal. Items you can buy in bulk will save you money! Little make-up kits that have blush, shadow, and lip gloss is very popular so they can play dress-up that day as well as at home. A little bit of candy in their party favor bags will always make them smile.

The last think you’ll want to put together is a couple games or activities for them to do while they are there. Depending upon how many girls are there, you can get away with some board games. A piñata is always classic. You can take a spin off “pin the tail” and do “pin the tiara.” Some households will have the interactive Wii or Xbox games (i.e. rockband, just dance, etc.) and those are always a good way to work off the excess sugar.

Any way you put a birthday tutu party together, I’m sure it will be memorable. Between the outfits, the activities, the party favors, and the photos everybody will have a blast! Remember, dress-up starts at about age two… and we never outgrow it!


Source by Ashley E McGivern

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