How to Build a Great Bob the Builder Party!


Bob the Builder is quite popular to preschoolers, so what better way to celebrate your future fixer-upper’s birthday than having a themed party! Here are some ideas on how to fix up a great party!

Party Decorations

The best color scheme for your Bob the Builder-themed party would be the colors yellow and orange. Hang crepes and balloons using this given color scheme. Also adorn the party hall with images of Bob himself, and images of different tools. For the party table’s centerpiece, a good idea is to use a hard hat. Also, you can place a traffic cone in every corner of the party hall.

Games and Other Party Activities

Provide several Bob the Builder coloring/activity books, of which the kids can color while waiting for the other guests. Next is to settle four cones in a row, then place an empty basket at one end as well as a basket of fake tools at the other end. Let every kiddie participant take turns transferring the tools from one basket to the other. However, they should go around the cones that are set up on their way to the other basket. Then time every participant and he/she who is the swiftest to complete the challenge wins!

There is also the Stick the Tool on Bob the Builder game, where you’ll need a full-length poster of one of the characters, a blindfold and a construction paper ‘wrench’ cutouts. Mount the poster on the wall at game time. Then blindfold the players one by one, and get them to stick their wrench on the poster where it belongs.


Whip up the birthday kid’s favorite kind of sandwich, then cut the sandwich down the center in a zigzag-gy pattern. This will give the illusion that the sandwiches were sliced with a saw. Another great idea is to buy a big plastic dump truck, then wash it carefully with dish soap as well as water. Slice up several brownies and then put them in the newly-washed dump truck. You can droop several gummy worms between your brownies for a fun effect. The ‘brownies in a dump truck’ can be served as a substitute for a cake, but if you want having a cake, then have one that is shaped like a truck.

Party Invites

A cool Bob The Builder party invites idea is to print the party invitations on bright orange paper. Next is to cut them out in the shape of a traffic cone. If you want an alternative, cut a number of invitation cards in 5×7″ from blue cardstock. Then paste images of all the characters. It looks good if you place the images in the middle of the front page then below write “Is it possible for us to have a party? Yes, It Is!”. Lastly, prepare envelopes with drawing and stickers to accessorize.

Party Favors

Fill your party bags with some cool items that the kids will love such as blowouts, toy construction vehicles, sticker sheets, balloons, cookie cutters and Play-Doh containers.

With this great Bob the Builder party ideas, your kid’s upcoming birthday party will definitely be a huge hit among the little guests!


Source by Thor Hanso

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