How to Brainstorm Retirement Party Ideas


There are many resources for retirement party ideas. There are easy cocktail parties and small get togethers. Many people are looking for theme party ideas. When you’re looking for a good theme, keep the guest of honor in mind and work with something meaningful to them. To start brainstorming here are some things to consider:

– Current Interests and Hobbies – golf, travel, gardening, cars, volunteering, etc.

Use these interests to come up with your party theme and gift ideas. Once you come up with a hobby and interest, the ideas will start flowing.

– Books and Movies – find out what types of books your guest of honor likes to read or what their favorite moving is. Use that for your theme.

If they like mystery and suspense novels, how about a mystery and suspense party? One guest is the “criminal” and everyone else has to figure out who did it using clues. This is great for small parties. For larger parties and other ideas, pick a book or movie and use that for your theme.

Another idea for mystery fans is a scavenger hunt. This can be done indoors using items in the room or house. If you’re outdoors the possibilities are endless! Give each guest a list and send them on the hunt.

– Sports

This one should be pretty easy! If you have a football, baseball, basketball or even Nascar fan, it will be easy to find invitations and decorations for one of these themes. For food consider serving what you would find at the ballpark or make it a tailgate party.

– Favorite Places

Does the guest of honor have a favorite place? Here’s another great way to come up with ideas. Think of beach parties, desert oasis parties, Western parties, or a cosmopolitan cocktail party.

Start looking at interests and hobbies and make a list. If you can, find a few friends or family members to spend and hour or so brainstorming using that list. Don’t throw anything out. Look at every suggestion and work out what everyone thinks is the best one. Then start thinking about invitations, food, decorations, etc.

Coming up with your own retirement party ideas can be one of the most fun parts of the party!


Source by A. Vincent

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