Hosting a Carnival Party That All the Kids Will Love


Colorful countless balloons, eye-popping bright colors and fun games – a carnival is definitely one of the happiest places for the kids! So, why not bring the excitement of the carnival into your little son or daughter’s birthday party! You can invite kids to a carnival-themed party in your backyard or at the local park. Either way, there is awesome fun to be had by everyone!

Fun Carnival Invites

For a great carnival-inspired birthday invites plan, send out some ‘Admit One’ ticket party invitations to guests. This is quite easy. Just design your own ticket on the computer. Use text boxes or free templates that are included in your word processing software. In bold letters across the top, type the words ‘Admit One for (your kid’s name)’s Birthday Carnival!’ Then, provide underneath the complete party details: time, date, place, RSVP by date and contact number.

Carnival Ticket Booth

A carnival wouldn’t be complete if there’s no ticket booth! Make one and turn it into a face-painting booth as well! You can provide a chart of sample images that consist of easy-to-draw items (a balloon, rainbow, lightning bolt, flower, heart, etc.) This will let the kiddies know exactly what their options are. Also, this serves as a handy reference sheet for your volunteer face-paint artist!

Instant Carnival Booths

The carnival booths in your Carnival-themed birthday party need not be elaborate. You can create some that are made from everyday items! For the Basketball Shooting, just draw a line on the driveway (3 shots per ticket). Also, you can set a table where kiddies can guess the number of animal crackers or jelly beans in the jar. For the Quarterback Test, just provide a football and hula hoop. Kiddies can throw the football through the hanging hula hoop.

You can also have a Putting Challenge, where you can just borrow Dad’s putter and putt returner. For the Ball Toss, kiddies can toss 3 softballs into a basket and win a prize!

Carnival Birthday Party Decorations Idea

Aside from the carnival booths you’ll going to set up, have plenty of balloons and streamers in primary colors: red, yellow and blue. You can also hang a trapeze above the table. Use paper towel tubes and streamers. Add a stuffed monkey for a cute trapeze artist. Also stick some circus posters on the walls, and lay stuffed animals all around!

Carnival Fun Foods

Whip up some Carnival-themed party menu! Carnival party foods include soft pretzels, corn dogs, peanuts, corn on the cob, popcorn, string cheese, ice cream cake, watermelons, fruit punch or lemonade and balloon cupcakes.

Carnival Party Favors

Send out some great carnival party favors such as paddle balls, punching balloons, yo yo’s, silly putty, card games, giant lollipops, spinning tops, kazoos and whistles!

Cool Carnival Birthday Party Games

Aside from the games available in your party booths, have any party games you know of. It’s a carnival party, so any fun activities that give out prizes will do! Bean Bag Toss, Lawn Bowling, Ring Toss, Horse Shoes, Hula Hoops, Obstacle Course, Water Balloon Toss, Balloon Darts, Relay Races…. Whatever you choose, expect to have guests go home happily with lots of prizes! TIP: To cut back on the cost of prizes, purchase a big assortment bag of candies and small prizes.

With a Carnival-themed birthday party, expect hearty laughter and full-on excitement feel the air! For more fun and great party ideas, watch out for my upcoming party theme articles!


Source by Thor Hanso

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