Holy Bat-Fun, It’s a Batman Party!


Boys of all ages dream of saving the world just like Batman, so why not invite all of Gotham to your next Batman party?

Create your own Batman invitations by cutting the Bat Sign out of black cardstock or construction paper and layer it on a yellow oval. Tell them to meet Alfred at the Bat Cave at 2 pm Saturday April 23 and to hurry because Robin is waiting.

No need to limit your Batman theme to the only movies or just the cartoon. For a complete Batman party use all the different Batmen to celebrate the next birthday. This way any movie posters, coasters, action figures that you come across can be used as party decorations.

Decorate your own Bat Cave for the Batman party. Hit up the local party and dollar stores to find Batman themed balloons, party ware and streamers. Use black, yellow and blue streamers to add a decorative touch to windows, ceiling and doorframes. Keep your eye open as you may come across other Batman themed merchandise perfect for the occasion.

Include several villains of Gotham to play a role in the Batman party. Include the Joker or Catwoman as the main character for a Batman themed version of “Pin the Tale on the Villain.” Create a piñata to resemble the Penguin, Two-Face or the Riddler and use one of Batman’s special tools to break open the fun.

With your next Batman party all the citizens of Gotham will thank you for celebrating Batman’s good deeds.


Source by Gail Leino

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