Hawaiian Party for Kids and Adults With or Without the Pool


Great for summertime celebrations, pool parties, and celebrations, a Hawaiian party is a fantastic time for everyone, but if you want a special Hawaiian theme party to celebrate a birthday or other warm weather get together for your child, and you have no pool, you can still have fun in the sun, keep your guests cool, and celebrate Hawaiian style.

First, greet the guests with Hawaiian leis as they arrive to the party. These help get them in the luau mood and they double as party favors.

Get several inflatable or plastic swimming pools. Put water in a couple and sand, pails, and shovels in a couple. Set up a slip and slide and a sprinkler, to provide plenty of wet forms of entertainment to keep the party goers cool! Provide a quiet place in a shade to serve as a sunscreen station and a place for puzzles, coloring, listening to music, or other quiet activities to allow the children a resting place for time out from the activities.

These resting stations can be provided using canopies, if there are no naturally shaded areas, and can even double as craft areas for guests to create leis, simple shell pins, or other tropical novelties. Once the meal is done, tables can even be cleared to provide crafting areas.

Meals are easy at Hawaiian parties. Simple sandwiches and fruit platters can be served. Shells can do double duty as serving platters and bowls. Simple tropical punch can be served, and plenty of water should be available to keep party goers hydrated.

Top off the party with Hawaiian themed party favors. Personalized goodies with the date and party theme will help keep the celebration memory alive.


Source by Gail Leino

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