Great Bra Stories


Being in the Bra business you always hear and see great stories from women.

Bras and the Catholic Church

The first great story for me is about Easter Sunday Catholic mass with my mom when I was growing up. We were in church during the mass when a lady came running in late with all her kids. When she came in the only seats left for her and the kids was the front row. Being Easter Sunday all the women would wear hats in the church. Little did the lady know was that her extra bra was hanging from the back of her hat and her kids telling her a thing. She came in to the church with everyone looking at her and nobody had the gall to tell her on the way to her seat. When she finally sat down and the kids were quietly seated, the man behind her tapped her shoulder and pointed to the back of her hat. Ugh! She was absolutely mortified! After mass, she quietly left with her extra bra in her purse and an amazing story for the church community.

Bras and Guns

Another good story is the lady I met who was a hunter and went out hunting deer in Wyoming. (She was only 4’10” tall 100 lbs. and a plus size lady). When she fired the large caliber rifle she would fly out of her bra. She asked us what she needs to do and we got her to buy a sports bra. Since then she has told us she no longer flops out and was looking at going bear hunting. I don’t think I would arm wrestler her or challenge her to drinking Whiskey.

Hiking and Bras

One wonderful summer day, I took my wife to Yosemite for some site seeing and hiking. On our first scenic hike to see some falls my wife complained she wasn’t wearing the right walking bra and wanted to go back to the cabin. Being an engineer, I grabbed my camera case and took the carrying straps off the camera and the case. I told my wife that I was making a support strap for her and she said yeah right? She was thinking “That is the guy the I married, wedding vows to have and to hold.” Well after 5 minutes, my wife gave me a kiss and told me she married the right guy! The hike was great. The camera straps saved the day and she was happy! 6 months later my wife wanted to get into the bra business and I said ok! So now I’m swimming in bras and a bra expert. At the cocktail parties, I am surrounded by lots of women while the guys are drinking beer around the BBQ. I miss the guys but my wife is happy! I guess I’m going to heaven.

Bars and Bras.

I don’t know why, but a lot of those wild bars south of the border in Mexico and along the US border display bras. You can always find a bar that has Bras hanging on the ceiling or strapped to the fan. I’m sure every bra hanging has a story dealing with drinking especially Tequila! Moms don’t write your daughter name in the Bra lining when the go away to school. You it may regret it.

Men’s underwear is never hanging in a Bar? Funny? I guess those bars are out of business or Tequila doesn’t make them fall off? Will have to ask Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes to investigate this. I’m not!


Source by Chris Gilbert

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