Fun Team Building Games for the Office


Working as a team can be difficult especially if you have a big group. Add to that the stress that comes with the job, and you have a recipe for inefficiency. But things don’t have to be that way, especially when you know some fun team building games.

Everyone needs to take their minds off work once in a while. Give your team a much-needed respite away from the stress of work with these fun group games which you can have at the office.

Team Drawing– This is an excellent ice breaker which helps participants to relax in the company of the team. To do this, divide members in groups of three or more (depending on the number of participants) and hand them the drawing materials. Ask each member to draw a line on a blank canvas and pass the drawing to another person to continue it. You can give a time limit for drawing to each person. At the end of the exercise, ask teams to show their drawings to the whole group.

Lean on Me– To play this game, you need to separate participants into two rows. One row of participants will be blindfolded and will face the other row. At the signal of the facilitator, team members will lean on the people at the opposite row. This activity helps build trust, and it’s best to rotate everyone to see which pair shows great confidence in each other.

Touch the Pot – Being in physical proximity with another person can be awkward for some people. This game challenges team members to break down their barriers and helps them communicate better at work. Divide participants in equal numbers and ask them to stand in the four corners of the room. Place a clay pot at the center of the room and at your signal, the participants will run to the center and touch the pot with only one finger. Watch how team members scramble toward the pot and have fun while doing so.

Team Quiz – This game aims to enhance communication and teamwork. Prepare questions about a variety of topics. Divide players into different groups of up to 5 members. Each team will try to answer as many questions as they can on a time limit.

Scrambled Jigsaw –This fun game is easy to begin with, but wait until the participants get to the last part. You need to place a jigsaw puzzle on the tables for the teams before they arrive. Use children’s puzzles for this game. Ideally, there should be about 100 pieces on each puzzle. Take away 5 pieces of the puzzle and transfer them to another team’s table. Do this for the rest of the puzzles. The teams will complete their puzzles and when they start to notice that some parts are missing, they need to negotiate with the other teams to have their puzzle pieces back. This activity is an excellent exercise for communication and cooperation.

Take a break away from the stress of the workplace. Use with these fun team building games for the office to give your team some time to unwind and have fun.


Source by Brian Cavette

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