Free Bachelorette Party Themes


So how can you be sure your bachelorette party will stand out?

Try adding in one of our customized bachelorette party themes. Bachelorette themes gives the party an identity and helps to break the ice for the evening to come.

Giving your party a theme, easily helps you add in related bachelorette party invitations, sizzling party decorations, interactive party games , delicious party food & mouth watering party drinks which will create an unforgettable girls night out. Your options are only limited by your creativity.

If you’re feeling stumped on what to plan, see below to find some unique bachelorette party theme ideas to get you started. Here are a few to get you started. If you need more help visit or follow the link below. Good luck!

Playboy Themed Bachelorette Party

For a more risque bride a playboy themed bachelorette party is perfect. Time to bring out the sexy Diva attitudes out in all of your girlfriends (be sure to go over all the details of this theme with all of your girls so that no one is uncomfortable throughout the night). This is a great way for the bride and her entourage to dress up in provocative clothing for one last girl’s night out on the town. Be creative! Try out a French maid costume or a sexy devil outfit. If that idea is too much try adding fish net stockings or a feather boa to your sexy night wear. There are even hot designer outfits made by playboy that will fit perfect with this party theme.

Next, pick the towns’ hottest party spot to show off your sexy look. If you are planning to go to a hot dance club, take the girls to an exotic dance class beforehand. If that idea is too embarrassing for you, there is always in home DVD’s or private stripper lessons.

Once you build your confidence up with your sexy look and new dance moves, hit the hot spot in style. Rent a luxurious limo to top off this sassy party theme. If you are really feeling naughty then tell your limo driver to find the nearest male revue. This bachelorette party theme will ensure that you and your squad will be the center of attention for the entire night.

If you are hosting the playboy themed bachelorette party at home, use the same concept for evening wear (this is where you can be as naughty as you wish). After you have had your personal stripper lessons or you’ve mastered them from you DVD, put up your portable stripper pole and create a contest for the best stripper.

To give your “strip club” a little more pizzazz, change your light bulbs to black light bulbs & red light bulbs. Even include a fog machine to complete the setting. And of course your homemade strip club is ready for when your hired entertainment arrives – the male stripper. Don’t forget to decorate accordingly. Add in favorite bachelorette party decorations and party supplies.

Holiday Themed Bachelorette Party

Is there a festive holiday coming up? If so, you should consider a holiday themed bachelorette party.

Valentine’s Day is a great example of a holiday themed bachelorette party. Have your girls dress as Victoria Secrets Angels. Turn this into a contest and appoint someone to be Cupid. She/he will judge each of the outfits and announce a winner followed by a Valentines surprise.

How about 4th of July themed bachelorette party? Try the American flag shot for this theme, yummy! The bachelorette can dress up in sexy military wear or everyone can dress up as 40’s pin up girls. End the night with your “big bang” male stripper of course).

There are similar options for Halloween you can hold best costume contest, Mardi gras, Christmas, and even St. Patty’s Day. This idea can be especially nice because you will always be able to find the perfect party supplies for each holiday party theme you choose.

This theme will let your creative juices flow, run with it!

Devil and Angels Theme

Devil and angels bachelorette party theme is one of my favorites. Have the bachelorette dress up as a sexy devil and her bridesmaids (or attendees) dress up as attractive angels.

You can even have other guests dress up as the devil servants. Send out your bachelorette party invitations with a touch of naughty or nice. Let each angel know what the required dress code is for the evening.

Be artistic with your party decorations. Split the party room into two themes, one as heaven and the other as hell. Create fake fire by coloring or painting poster board to resemble flames (use some glitter for a girly touch). Find some lava lamps and red Christmas lights on this side to give hell a perfect feel. Cut out a few clouds to hang from the ceiling on heavens side. String white Christmas lights on this side for a heavenly touch. Don’t forget the balloons for both sides, red and black for the hell side and white and gold for the heaven side.

Create a thrown for the devil (bachelorette) to sit in for the evening. This way, later in the evening, the male stripper knows exactly who the sexy little devil/bachelorette is. Serve your guests a Bloody Mary as you signature drink.

Remember this is a devil and angels bachelorette party theme so the bride-to-be is allowed to be as naughty as she wants only to have her angels pull her back from the dark side.

Naughty School Girl Theme

Naughty school girl bachelorette party theme is a great attention getter.

Have the bachelorette and attendees dress as naughty school girls. Sexy Catholic outfits are one of my favorites but any short flannel miniskirts and white shirts will do. Make sure your shirt is a mid drift and you can tie it in a bow in the middle of your chest. The more cleavage the better!

You can go to the extreme if you want with this. Put your hair in pig tails and wear knee high stocking or socks & use bright red lipstick to get the full effect. If you’re going out on the town, your are sure to turn heads. Remember this is one of guy’s fantasies, & seeing an entourage of naughty school girls out on the town is jaw dropping.

If you are staying in for the night, consider playing rock n roll or pop music. A few favorites are Fergie Liscious, Brittany Spears, or anything that mentions school or naughty girls. Put up a chalk board in your party room to display the risqué bachelorette party games planned for the evening and what time the male stripper will arrive to teach them a lesson.

If you really want your naughty school girl bachelorette party to be a big hit, have a few rulers set out in case someone get really naughty and needs a spanking. Don’t get sent to the principal’s office, you might get a full lesson on anatomy!

Roman Theme Bachelorette Party

Ancient Roman times were full of festivities and grand celebrations. With a roman theme bachelorette party you can turn your party room into a palace and your bachelorette into a goddess.

First start out by creating the bachelorette party invitations with a roman theme. Think Gladiator to give you inspiration. The distinctive colors for this era are purple, gold, & white. Give all of the details in both Latin and English, including the date in time using roman numerals. Make sure to include the dress code of their favorite toga or stola wear.

Point them in the right direction on where to buy stolas (traditional Roman garment, basically a toga for women) or let them know making one of their own is acceptable. This should get everyone in the mood for your Roman theme bachelorette party.

Next turn your party room into a palace fit for your goddess.

Your party decorations can be extravagant or simple. Start by finding purple, gold, & white sleek fabrics. Hang these fabrics from your ceiling dropping down to the floor. Cover the entire room and large objects with your main color fabrics (quick tip: alternate between these colors to give a sleeker feel). Find large fluffy pillows for your guests to sit on.

If you’re really crafty, you can make your own columns. Pay a visit to your local hardware or party store and pick up some sheets of faux-marble contact paper. Purchase a few oak tag and foam core. Start by taping it together with the contact paper on top, and you have instant roman columns.

Put these homemade columns by the front door to give the roman scene some pizzazz. You can find some white Christmas lights to accent the ceiling with. Now you have completed your Roman palace.

As you know ancient Romans loved to drink and feast. Prepare a few finger food trays with olives, cheese, & grapes. Provide some Italian bread with olive oil for dipping. Try serving your selection of wines in ceramic pitchers as they did in ancient Rome.

Plan for a few bachelorette party games but put a Roman twist on them. Give a door prize for the best dressed Roman Empress.

Play the game Gladiator, the movie drinking game. Or you can host chariots races. Split the girls into teams of two. One gets on all fours while the other girl rides across the room on her back.

This is really fun after a few shots. Now it’s time to plan for the adult entertainment.

This is where hosting a roman theme bachelorette party can get a bit interesting! Have your male stripper show up as the Gladiator, or it’s even better if you can find a Russell Crow look-a-like male stripper.

Point out the goddess/bachelorette & let the party begin!


Source by Jessica Simonds

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