Fortune Teller Themed Party Invitations and Ideas – We Know It’s Your Destiny


If you’re someone who is either interested or fascinated by astrology, palm reading, tarot cards and other types of divination then we think that we have found the perfect fancy dress party theme for you. Why not hold a Fortune Telling party? This is a truly ‘anytime’ fun party theme not being linked to any particular month or season.

You may consider that with this theme you only need to think of your guest list and mystically everyone will know the time and place, ‘fraid not, just like the rest of us you will have to create and send your own invitations. And here’s where the party should begin. The invitation should start to create an atmosphere about your party it should be where the excitement begins, so let’s give some serious thought to the invitations;

Crystal balls are synonymous with fortune tellers so you could find some small boxed glass globes and attach your party details inside the box. For fortune telling parties it’s always good to get the expression ‘I/we predict that you’ll have a great time’ or something similar into your wording.

If you cannot run to the expense of this type of invitation there are some less expensive ideas, why not use a crystal ball shaped card cutout and attach some, similarly shaped, greaseproof or tracing paper over the top of your own wording. As your guest lifts these layers it will look like the mist lifting and your invitation will become clearer and then clear. Another, more messy solution, but that’s great fun to do, is to cover the invitation with a thin layer of wax which has to be scrapped away to reveal the invitation.

As a less time consuming alternative, you could use your computer to find a picture of a tarot card which you could print onto thin card, cut around then write your party invitation on the reverse side before sending them out to your guests. A nice gesture would be to include a short description of the card so that your guest remains calm!

If you want to make it a costume party – and there is a wide variety of suitable costumes, wigs and costume jewellery accessories to complete the look – don’t forget to let people know this on the invitation. A good tip is to keep the name of a couple of good fancy dress companies and some suggested costume ideas close to your phone so that when your guests phone to ask advice you have some already to hand. And by providing the invitation it maybe that those who were reluctant to adopt fancy dress have one less excuse to let the party down.

What a scoop if you could find someone to play the part of a palm reader or clairvoyant for your party or better still hire an expert fortune teller for a few hours – maybe they will have an unexpected cancellation and be able to fit your party in, or perhaps they already know that you are going to hire them. It’s all quite odd really. We digress. Whichever way you can decorate a special part of your area to create a fortune teller’s booth, somewhere quite and relaxed with plenty of cushions and rich red drapes with golden tassels or better still threaded golden coins.

The walls of your party area can be similarly draped with colourful shawls and drapes made from cheaper materials. If you can afford a similar level of trim the appearance of the decoration will be greatly enhanced. If you want you can add glass globe candle holders which if sprayed inside with etching spray and with a flickering tea-light candle make for an eerie fortune teller’s crystal ball table centerpiece. Again any table menu can incorporate the tarot card theme.

Not a party theme for children and maybe not one that you would have immediately thought of for yourself but a Fortune Teller party is a theme that can offer you wide scope to let your imagination run free.


Source by Keith Sinclair

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